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Innovate and Strategize in order to thrive

Companies with an innovative approach tend to exhibit a common set of traits that foster excellence, productivity and camaraderie. In this ever changing industry scenario, the biggest challenge faced by the new entrants in the market is to keep-up with the pace of advancement and automation. With rapid digitization and the advent of modern technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality, organizational training has become an inevitable part of the same. One of the main goals of an organizational training program is to empower employees to increase their job performance, which in turn drive results that support business objectives. Today, there is a dire need to train more employees, more often due to rapidly changing systems and policies. So, companies need to keep a balance between employee retaining policy and revenue generation aspects, to be the best from the rest.
To outshine from others, companies have already started focusing on creating innovative training plans and provide interactive scenarios, simulations, sports and exercises that enhance the ingenuity of an organization.
In order to highlight some exceptional examples which are preeminently outperforming their peers, we have come up with an issue of “The 20 Best Companies to Watch 2017.” In this issue, we have enlisted such companies who are ahead of the tough competition, in terms of technological advancement, workplace environment, offering the best products and services with an innovational aspect.
Listed for being a true example of self-belief, consistency, and transparency, is AFour Technologies, offering turnkey software engineering services – from Development, QA, to Automation. One of best companies functioning as a data security consultant is B&D Consulting, Inc., which is helping various organizations to develop a secure architecture for their businesses. Canvas InfoTech is a consortium of seasoned consultants with solid experience, working together in delivering success in ERP implementation, detailed business requirements gathering, creating SRSs, developing Web based applications, and building robust test cases for ERP implementations. Listed for manufacturing exceptional greenhouse automation systems, since 1985, is Climate Control Systems Inc., helping to achieve a better crop while saving precious grower time. To support people and their businesses with the assurance of better cyber-protection enters Cynet, a leader in advanced threat detection and response, providing its holistic cyber-security platform to enterprises throughout the globe. GIV Solutions is an IT company which is making the world a better place to live by making the cities, the infrastructure, the transportation, the utilities and enterprises smarter.
Among others is IPSec, one of Australia’s leading IT security companies, strives to ensure the protection of business information with its specialization in information asset security. LiquidAgents Healthcare is listed for serving healthcare facilities by providing proven, experienced healthcare professionals, staffing flexibility, industry-leading credentialing methods and dedicated customer support. Lastly, one of the best companies in the industry and a leading provider of content-rich digital signage is Mvix, whose solutions create memorable onsite digital experiences.
So, flip through the amazing folios for insights on organizations that have proven themselves and are exceptionally keeping up with the market needs. Do not miss out on some important executive acumen from industry experts and insightful articles from the editorial desk.

Source :- The 20 Best Companies to Watch 2017