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Innova Solutions

Innova Solutions: Navigating Business Transformation with Advanced Technologies

Yearning to bring agility and innovation to enterprises, Innova Solutions is a global information technology company with a long and proud history of forging strategic relationships with customers. The company has been supporting Cloud & Application Transformation, delivering Data Services providing Managed Operations to raise profitability, increase agility, and improve IT efficiency and lower operational risk, all with the single goal of accelerating business transformation.
Having established its base in Santa Clara, with its Indian offices in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vizag and Taipei, Innova Solutions has an excellent track record in enterprise level transformation.  Better Customer Engagement, New Revenue Streams, Reduced Risk and Fraud, Adaptive product strategy, better employee engagement, Efficient IT Operations, Effective decisions systems and High availability & performance are some of the key features that Innova Solutions boasts about.
Exceptional Services Offered
Approaching the client’s projects in application-centric or infrastructure- centric perspective is the key factor that sets the services of Innova Solutions different from others. Innova Solutions and its seasoned experts consisting of 1,600+ technology professionals offer aids to the below-mentioned five main units of business.
Cloud Services– The cloud experts of Innova Solutions enable companies to achieve their peak performance. The services comprise of Cloud Transformation, Cloud Optimization, CI/CD Enablement, Cloud Dev Services, and Cloud Compliance
Data Engineering & Data Science The data intellectuals at Innovative Solutions offer their advocacy in arenas like Big Data Lakes, MDM, Data Migrations, Data Governance and Data Security; Data Engineering. The services under Data Science encompasses of Cognitive Analytics, Visualizations, and Artificial Intelligence and RPA.
Data Engineering and Data Science Services primarily address services to organize the data and to Unlock Value of Data.
Payment ServicesThe services in this domain include Payment Hubs, Payment Networks, SmartEdge Platform, and Mobile Wallets.
BOTInnova Solutions specializes in enabling companies through Build-Operate- Transfer (BOT) model.  Clients approaching Innova will be benefitted with the proven ability and track record to rapidly construct, equip and staff new operations or development center. These centers enact as an extension the client organization and directly integrated into that company’s processes, workflow and culture. Captive Centers, Cost Benefit Analysis, Engineering Process Transformation, and SLA Driven Delivery are the services included in BOT.
Managed Services– The Operations Partner team of Innova has created a high quality and cost-effective IT Managed Services acknowledging the fact that a company’s productivity, revenue and brand reputation depends on maintaining high levels of service quality. The offerings include 24*7 Support, L1, L2 & L3 Support, Service Delivery, ITIL Compliance, and Continuous Services Improvement.
The Triumphant Entrepreneur
Rajkumar Velagapudi, the Founder, President & CEO is the strategist mind behind the global reputation earned by Innova Solutions. Rajkumar’s experience in the IT field spans more than 25 years. The prolific journey of Rajkumar started in 1990, during which he served several roles. However, the noticeable role that he served was of the Vice President, Business Development of Covansys Corporation from December 1990 until March 1998.
His entrepreneurial journey began in the year 1996 when he founded Ness Financial and Business Innovation Services (formerly known as Olas Software Solutions Inc.) in 1996 and served as its President till February 2006. He also served as the Member, Executive Management Team of Ness IBS, subsidiary of Ness Technologies Inc. since September 2008. Later in November 1999, he founded Innova Solutions wherein he also served as the President and Chief Operating Officer until March 2006.  Prior to founding Fortify in 2008, he served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Fortify Infrastructure Services. He is at the helm of affairs inclusive of Strategic Planning, Development and Sales & Marketing. During his tenure at one of the leading systems integrators, he was one of the Senior Management members responsible for expanding the business in the Western U.S. region.
Rajkumar has been instrumental in conceiving data services offerings to enable the enterprise customers to organize the enterprise data, but also to unlock value of data and insights from data analytics. His duties at Innova Solutions include overall supervision and also the other managerial works.
Creative Strategies for Clientele Satisfaction
Innovation Solutions’ sole purpose and aim is to help its customers with their business. To succeed in this goal the company has few strategies to address the ever changing demands of its customers. These approaches include:
Develop Key Frameworks and Tools:  Innova has invested in development of key frameworks and tools to enable faster value realization for its customers. Innova’s Data Science Platform is a key value offering that has enabled its customers to jumpstart BI transformation by adding cognitive ability and realizing greater value from their data.
Key Partnerships: This global IT Company constantly evaluates various solutions and startup offerings in the industry and creates a partnership ecosystem to add value to its customers.
Trained Global Workforce: Innova invests in its employees and ensures that its workforce is trained in new technologies. The company has engaged its customers in developing critical POCs to prove the value of new technologies to validate their ideas.