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InfoPower: The 21st. Century ERP Ecosystem From the Experts

With the worldwide rapidly expanding Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Logistics, Advanced Construction, Digitized Factories and other state-of-the-art operating concepts and implementations, including the incorporation of Industry 4.0, IOT and IOE everywhere, all Enterprise Solutions Software Suites must fully support these inevitable trends. fxDBO from InfoPower has been specifically designed to always respond to these swiftly evolving inescapable challenges.Many ERP Suites in the market today are the result of various niche ERP companies being bought up and just rebranded by larger companies, resulting in products with limited compatibility and adaptability.
InfoPowerTowards ERP Leader
InfoPower was started in 1983 with the vision of creating a set of enterprise applications software functions (generically known as ERP) with the fundamental concept of ensuring that the software should not necessarily dictate how to run the business, but integrally support every aspect of running the business exactly the way the management desires to operate, while at the same providing all the options to utilize the latest established and recognized most advanced functions, if so desired. The Suite allows the customer to ensure that the software functionality is exactly the right fit at implementation and, also into the foreseeable future, as outlined below:

  • Always at the latest technology level, fully utilizing proven features and functions of current leading edge technologies and architecture.
  • Built-in user-configurable and user-selectable continuous business process monitoring with a comprehensive enterprise-wide performance monitoring, measurement, and proactive response.
  • Dynamic Business, Rules and Logic Objects driving all areas to support many standard and unlimited diverse custom business functions without any impact on the source code or future product releases.
  • Expandable and configurable business modules, allowing ease of implementation and ease of handling of Business Process Reengineering.
  • Practically hardware and O/S independent.
  • Fully SOA and universally on-premise, web/cloud, and hybrid SaaS deployable.

All-inclusive Solutions
The fxDBO Enterprise Applications Suite from InfoPower (with expanded all-encompassing scope compared to traditionally limited ERP functionality available in the market today) with over 70 modules, the primary product of InfoPower International Inc., has been developed, since 1983, with over 350 man-years of effort and over $17 million in investment. Its unique utilization of built-in dynamic business objects has resulted in extremely powerful and diverse functional and process flexibility, and allowed it to cover all areas of enterprise functions, operating in industries for Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics, Supply Chain, Professional Services, Warehousing, Construction, Equipment and Facilities Maintenance, Finance, Costing, Activity Based Costing, highly flexible and comprehensive Accounting, Quality Assurance and many others.
Man of Action
Dr. Prabir Dutt is the President and Chief Executive Officer of InfoPower International Inc. Since founding the company in 1983, he has been involved in the progress and growth of the company in sales & marketing and problem resolution for customers as required. In addition, he has been the primary resource in state-of-the-art direction, both functionally and technically, for all product design and development.
For over five decades, Dr. Dutt has been involved in providing engineering design, manufacturing and industrial engineering, materials management, manufacturing management, and ERP systems software development and implementation services to numerous organizations worldwide.
Dr. Dutt has made continuous and significant contributions, particularly in maintaining  fxDBO at the highest functional and the technological level, making the company practically unique among competitors. The company and its products are always totally up-to-date, as against most competitors, where customers must repeatedly go through periodic time-consuming and expensive release upgrades, most even unavoidable.
Benefits for Clients
As outlined is the earlier segments, fxDBO is practically unique in the market place for its extremely high degree of flexibility, adaptability and ease of implementation, ensuring ‘The right fit’ continuously, initially, and always in the future.By incorporating any unique customer-specific customizations through the DBO technique they become part of each customer’s database, and as such the installation is completely agnostic to future fxDBO upgrades. Most competitors do not have this capability and customers usually need to go through periodic software release upgrades sometimes with inevitable significant cost, time and resources implications. The vast range of modules, totally integrated and highly configurable, available with fxDBO, is also fairly unique in the ERP world.Based on the complete confidence in the power and capabilities of fxDBO, InfoPower offers an industry wide unmatched value proposition, whereby the customers’ obligations are directly tied to only when certain performance KPIs are achieved by the customer by using fxDBO, as mutually arranged between InfoPower and each customer.
The Culture for Growth
By being at the leading edge of the worldwide evolution of Industry 4.0 and labour 4.0 related development activities, InfoPower offers an invigorating technological and diverse business process innovation environment to all staff, together with a high degree of freedom to contribute with unique ideas, concepts and designs.

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