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InfoMart: Meeting the Demand for Seamless Onboarding on a Global Scale

The hiring landscape has transformed in the last few decades as the globalized workforce, the gig economy, and increasing concerns over the security of personal data has come center stage. With the economy growing and employment opportunities spanning continents, it is a job seeker’s market. Candidates have more options for how and where they would like to work, and that decision begins during the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes. The candidate experience is at the center of every conversation as technology and procedures are developed to provide a positive, simplified experience for both the businesses and the candidates.
InfoMart, a known innovator in the background screening industry with a history of positive disruption, has stepped up to answer the call. Over twenty-eight years ago, InfoMart entered the field. With a focus on designing a more intuitive process, they developed technology that modernized background screening and streamlined hiring. Now, backed by nearly three decades of experience, the company has risen to meet the demand for seamless onboarding on a global scale.
Trailblazing Leadership Focused on Innovation
Tammy Cohen, InfoMart’s Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, is the driving force behind InfoMart’s sustained success. The technology we take for granted now was nonexistent when she first began and, realizing the inefficiencies of the background check world, she set out to provide better service by deploying the most nascent technology of the time. With Tammy at the helm, InfoMart led the charge in developing the processes still in place in the industry today, and she continues to push her team to cultivate innovative tech that anticipates and remedies the inadequacies of onboarding on a global scale. She was instrumental in crafting InfoMart’s award-winning company culture, and her influence continues to touch everything InfoMart does; her unyielding passion is what invigorates her team to do bigger and better every day.
She was a visionary then as she is now. InfoMart continues to release first-to-market solutions that keep ahead of the rapidly changing pace of technology. “You can never stop innovating,” Cohen insists. “Not only for your own success but to benefit the customer. The insufficiencies I saw thirty years ago? Those were our jumping off point. But now, we’re solving new problems. We’re focused on the gig economy, on global mobility, on utilizing our expertise to assist people in securing their identities.” Cohen is unafraid of any risk that might result in better service to her customers, who she treats like family.
With an eye on that goal, Cohen partnered with Marco Piovesan, an expert in global data and compliance. As InfoMart’s CEO, he contributes his expertise in designing global information and technology products and services. His passion is devoted to helping people establish their identities through technology in order to grant them access to basic facilities: education, jobs, healthcare, credit, and all forms of financial inclusion. He’s dedicated to seamless processes and products using technology that has a global impact. “We’re much more than just a background screening company,” Piovesan says. “We’re a key player in a company’s hiring strategy, but our technology is versatile; our emerging and unique approach to identity services help people gets jobs, open bank accounts, and get into schools all over the world on a daily basis,” asserts Piovesan.
Designing a Seamless Candidate Experience
While developing innovative new products, InfoMart always designs with one purpose in mind: to make the process quicker and simpler for their clients. ASAP ID directly responds to this goal. ASAP ID is a first-to-market application that utilizes biometric facial recognition software to analyze and capture identity information. “With this technology, we provide a fully mobile candidate experience that reduces inaccurate information, streamlines hiring, and can be deployed anywhere in the world,” explains Piovesan. InfoMart understands that companies rely on speed, particularly when hiring across continents, and ASAP ID enables applicants to provide relevant information with ease.
Ultimately, that’s what every InfoMart product provides: trusted, reliable results with unmatched speed. The globalized workforce requires technological solutions for worldwide onboarding, and InfoMart’s experience and technology make them uniquely qualified to answer that call. What makes InfoMart exceptional is that they understand that their process is an extension of each of their clients’ brands. “When a company onboards a candidate, they need to trust that they are taken care of every step of the way,” Piovesan points out. For this reason, the applicant and customer experiences are front-and-center of all of their products and services. “Ultimately, what InfoMart brings to the industry is a simplified experience for everyone involved,” Piovesan continues, noting that InfoMart began exploring the ways in which AI, blockchain, and biometric identity authentication could be used to better the screening industry before it was on their competitors’ radar. “We incorporate biometrics and AI into our products not only because it’s the latest technology, but because we genuinely believe these advancements positively impact the experiences of our users,” states Piovesan.
Trusted Reliability Meets Fearless Determination
“Trusted reliability” is one of InfoMart’s core strengths. They emphasize the importance of user experiences, speed, quality, efficiency, and customer support in order to gain their customers’ loyalty. InfoMart has matured into a global technology company capable of serving customers all across the globe, but at the core, they maintain the same vital passion and dedication they had as a startup thirty years ago. “There’s an energy for innovation within our company that’s unmatched,” says Cohen. “We’ve enjoyed the benefits of a long-tenured team because we dedicate time to cultivating our culture in addition to growing in the marketplace,” asserts Cohen.
InfoMart’s track record and long-standing tenure within the industry resulted in mature processes strengthened by cutting-edge technology. Still, despite their time-tested procedures, the company challenges the status quo every day to guarantee they’re providing the best possible product to their customers. “We’ve always challenged ourselves to be the best at what we do, and that endeavor involves honest, ongoing self-assessment,” Piovesan says, pointing out that they’re not shy about adopting technologies from other spheres to improve their service. “From the beginning, InfoMart has listened to our customers and we’ve kept ahead of changes in the industry. Our mission now is to be fearless about everything we do,” asserts Piovesan.
InfoMart’s Take on the Latest HR Technology
The HR industry is constantly looking for ways to improve background screening services, and the rapid advancement in the technology sphere will continue to be an influence. International hiring only reinforces the importance of a comprehensive background screening program to mitigate the risks to a company’s people and resources. Without proper background checks, an organization invites trouble that ultimately impacts the business’s bottom line. An effective vetting program is a necessity in any organization and with onboarding costs estimated as high as $10,000, no HR department can afford to ignore it. As soon as this year, HR tech will adjust to better integrate with the remote workforce and manage global recruiting. Blockchain, while still experimental in most spaces outside digital currency, will see increased investment and early adoption by background screening companies.
HR is also beginning to adopt AI technologies to track everything from productivity to recruitment analytics. Using this level of automation frees up time for HR to focus on more people-oriented work and allows technology to do the heavy lifting.
“We were the first company to introduce mobile biometric, document, and data onboarding within three steps. Groundbreaking!” asserts Piovesan, who is certain InfoMart will play an integral part in shaping the conversations surrounding HR technology in the coming years. “We have several innovative products and services coming out this year, which will continue to streamline various processes for many types of onboarding. We have a mission to be an innovative contributor to an incredibly diverse and positive world benefiting consumers and businesses,” concludes Piovesan.
Looking Ahead: InfoMart in Five Years
InfoMart will continue its incredible journey toward becoming a truly global information services company. They strive to become synonymous with “streamlined onboarding” and to maintain the reputation they have developed for positive disruption. The company is currently invested in the development of blockchain and artificial intelligence for the screening industry, ensuring the latest technologies are being utilized to their fullest potential in their field. Much like InfoMart was influential in the formation of the industry 30 years ago, in the next five years they will be a motivating participant of the change that’s coming; InfoMart will help shape the policies and procedures associated with the globalized and gig workforces while remaining a trusted partner to companies with a worldwide footprint.

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