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Infionic: Achieve Perfection at Every Step with Intelligence

Manufacturing industries are swiftly embracing automation in all aspects of the business. While machine automation has been encompassed for a while, the operation data automation/digitization is rapidly gaining interest. Use of mobile and tablets to capture manufacturing operations data is transmuting the way companies manage data and do business. All of this will free up precious time of employees thereby assisting them to focus on more value-added activities.
Infionic is an enterprise information company delivering enterprise information solutions. Infinioc’s flagship product, Infionic One is an end-to-end enterprise-wide ERP platform that transforms a business into a technology and data driven organization promoting and enabling decision-making process driven by facts and figures.
Infionic One empowers manufacturing firms with a comprehensive technology solution that not only boosts the core manufacturing processes but also impeccably integrates all ancillary processes. Right from crafting a product profile, to managing the shop floor data, to total quality management, the platform’s easy to use screens ensure the data generated during various steps within the manufacturing process is captured accurately and in real-time. Infionic One delivers a transparent and connected view of shop floor, inventory, procurement, and logistics—making it easy to identify any bottlenecks and increase productivity within the organization.
Infionic force customers to think beyond core Manufacturing – All manufacturing operations are tied to top-line or bottom-line and that needs to be understood to realize the true value of manufacturing tools.
A Leader who believes in Perfection
Subramanyam SP (Subb) is the Founder & CEO of Infionic. Subbu has immense experience in delivering turnkey technology solutions to the Manufacturing Industry and has extensively worked with both process and discrete manufacturing companies. Given his extensive manufacturing experience, he fully understands the business and technology nuances of this industry as well as some of its challenges. In an effort to cater to an unmet market need of providing transparent and readily accessible information, about 8 years ago, Subbu initiated Infionic. In a reflection of his thought leadership, Infionic has been ranked as a leader for its product competencies by several global organizations.
Subbu holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani (India) and has an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (India).
Distinct Platforms and Business Boosting Services 
The success of a product is only when it is adopted by all the users. Right from selling to adoption, Infionic walks the talk with its customers helping them along the way. Adoption comes from educating customers on the existing gaps and also by showcasing how the benefits could make business simpler and enable faster decision-making. Their commitment to OFU (Optimized, Flexible, Usable) paradigm ensured that they maintained a customer-first emphasis to their product development efforts which resulted in a robust user-friendly enterprise suite. Infionic is constantly striving towards their core belief and simplifying it without compromising the functionality or security.
Infionic One is an integrated solution that brings in a cost conscious approach to manufacturing which results in higher profitability and greater control and checks. The platform’s key benefits include improving margins based on better pricing due to good understanding of costs, reducing stock-outs due to increased coordination in supply chain and increased employee productivity and employee satisfaction.
Infionic One’s data-driven methodology to keep track of manufacturing overheads is incorporated into the costing model to give an accurate product costing. Infionic one can keep track of all 3 Ms – Man, Machine & Material – in an integrated fashion there by covering all the operations aspects of an organization. This is done in a cost effective manner to improve the adaptability & usability of the solution.
Escalating the future horizons
For Infionic, the future is all about integrating all aspects of the operations seamlessly. And they are doing it by increasing digitization and automation resulting in enhanced decision making capabilities. With the business intelligence tools becoming cheaper & cheaper, their focus will be more on the base data capture.
A unique approach towards managing of the business process guides the clients in creating a product outline, managing the shop floor data, total quality management, and easy to use screens which certify the data generated during the various steps of the business process and assists in data capturing accurately and in real-time. Infionic’s improved data-driven approach, possesses the track of manufacturing overheads which is incorporated into their costing model to give an exact product costing.
Infionic team continuously indulges in R&D to enhance more features to the already successful Infionic One platform to provide organizations with seamless information flow across manufacturing, operations, sales, human resources, legal and executive management of the firm. They are converting their platform into SaaS software model for small-scale firms. Alongside they are also planning to introduce a flavor of localization in the product so that the clients can shape tools in their local language.
Infionic is located in New York, US and Hyderabad, India.

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