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inet-logistics: Redefining Logistics Since Inception

Logistics has always been an integral part of our daily lives. Now with the emergence of e-Commerce and other services, logistics needs to be more competent and efficient. Recognizing the same inet-logistics was founded back in 1999. inet is the ‘hidden champion’ behind the transportation management systems of more than 150 global corporations. Born in the cloud, inet makes the complex processes of large logistics networks manageable by providing solid IT solutions for almost 20 years – for inbound and outbound, global and multi-mode transportation.
The inet TMS connects global and multi-mode transport networks on the in- and out-bound levels. inet’s TMS software is proven to reduce transport costs by an average of 20 percent by networking all participants in the supply chain on a web-based platform in real time. The organization’s modular logistics software can also naturally be extended at any time. Till date, with more than 55,000 users in more than 80 countries, inet TMS is one of the biggest technically integrated supply chain networks in the world. The users include well-known customers from various industries such as AGCO, BMW, Coloplast, Hilti, Mondelez, Magna Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik, MAN, Migros, MTU, Novartis Pharma, OMV, Scania, TNT, Volvo and Würth Logistics.
inet-logistics’ philosophy is entirely driven by the core values excellence, trust, and agility. The clientele of the organization knows that they can rely on receiving superior solutions, agility, innovative ideas, and the company’s commitment to long-term partnership which eventually benefits all parties involved.
The Farsighted Leader
Oswald Werle, Founder, and CEO of inet-logistics started his career in IT at Austria’s oldest and Europe’s largest logistics service provider Gebrüder Weiss. After recognizing the lack of software-supported transportation management, he quickly became the cloud pioneer and founded inet-logistics. Since its foundation, he is driven by the passion of optimizing logistics processes, aiming at a better resource utilization and ensuring that millions of shipments arrive in time, in the best shape and at the right place. In recent past, his vision has broadened from connecting partners on a platform within one supply chain to collaboration across various companies and eventually even industries in the near future. In addition to his MBA in Business Engineering, Oswald has more than thirty years of experience in the areas of transportation management and supply chain systems.
Overcoming Rough Patches and Standing Tall
inet is adopting a more agile approach in development and project management, and is focusing more on standardizing its products in order to achieve shorter time to market. Additionally, the company is working on ways to get closer to the customer, and possibly even developing new features together. inet is also facing challenges on the staffing front, as now there’s a huge demand for staffs but only limited number of staffs are available. For some of its roles, the company is looking for staffs with dual competencies in IT and Logistics. So that consultants are able to understand the daily struggles and processes of inet’s customers whilst at the same time know how to turn these requirements into solid software.
The web-based collaboration and communication platform of inet connects all supply chain partners. So that, everyone involved has access to the same data in real time, because all major processes before, during and after the actual shipment are integrated, reaching a high level of visibility and efficiency. Thus, processes as complex as the automotive inbound processes of OEMs and First Tiers can be handled because numerous suppliers, carriers, logistics service providers and other supply chain partners are integrated.
Helping Clients Manage Complex Transportation Needs
According to inet, companies with global, complex transportation networks benefit from improved network and transportation planning, increased asset utilization, comprehensive visibility, simplified freight cost management, reduced container inventory, clear performance data, easier communication with supply chain partners and much more especially due to the presence of inet TMS.
Adding to all these, the platform bears a lot of future potential. inet believes that the future completely lies in collaboration, as can be clearly seen in trends such as shared economics, virtual ecosystems and more. Digital platforms in the cloud make this collaboration possible.
Moving Ahead of Challenges and Future Planning
inet has experienced a huge shift of paradigm in the world of logistics in recent past, mostly due to the emergence of e-Commerce. An industry, that in the past, was largely driven by companies is now pushed by end consumers that pose new and higher demands than ever, for example same day delivery. Customer centricity is the new paradigm. The key to this is not only smooth working processes but also the intelligent management of data on an unprecedented scale. From petabytes of data, the relevant information needs to be provided quickly, reliably and tailored to the context of the individual.
With the vision of “creating a collaborative world”, the company is now on the verge of leveraging benefits from a new holding group it belongs to. From this network, inet will gain in terms of new services, broadened knowledge, larger market share and more. The company is convinced that in near future, whole ecosystems will compete against each other. For this reason, inet is committed to strengthening its system to meet this challenge.

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