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incode Technologies Inc

incode Technologies Inc: Creating Your Customer Experience of the Future

Identifying the need for a simple, secure, and automatic way to onboard and verify customers, Incode Technologies Inc. created an end-to-end, fully automated orchestration platform aligning with its aim to power a world of trust by reinventing the way humans verify identities. The platform enables seamless access across multiple channels with products focused on onboarding, authentication, and payment verification that increase conversion and reduce fraud.

Incode believes in “one identity, everywhere.” Through AI, digital identity, and biometrics, the company has set out to revolutionize the way companies approach identity verification by offering the industry’s only privacy-centric identity platform that reduces fraud risk while elevating daily customer experiences.

Choose Your Identity

Incode’s Omni platform is a proven, best-in-class identity platform offering a secure, seamless customer experience at every point of contact. Trusted by many of the world’s largest corporations, Incode’s identity verification technology has been validated and recognized by the United States Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Incode’s proprietary liveness detection technology is also the first passive liveness technology to be certified by iBeta, a NIST and National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) lab.

As part of its privcy-by-design architecture, much of Incode’s technology can be run at the edge user device, giving it unparalleled advantages in speed and privacy. Based on Incode’s recent competitive testing of identity verification offerings, Incode is 5X faster for onboarding, provides a 40% increase in conversion rates, and reduces fraud attempts by 99%.

Incode’s Omni platform uniquely balances privacy, security, and performance. Notably:

  • Fully automated

The fully automated platform doesn’t require manual, human-centric assessments in remote call centers, reducing human errors and eliminating privacy issues.

  • Processed at the edge

The platform processes biometric data directly on the device by encapsulating an industry-leading level of processing on the edge, including core artificial intelligence functions. By doing so, it delivers the low-latency performance that has been validated by NIST and increases privacy by limiting off-premises handling of an individual’s information.

  • Incode-owned technology

Rather than force ill-fitting 3rd party OEM technologies into unnatural workflows, Incode has invested in an industry-leading level of R&D and developer resources for purpose-built, fully integrated modules. This approach allows for rapid innovations, ensures scalable commercial models, and guarantees a frictionless experience for end users.

  • Powerful orchestration

Composed of over 50 identity verification components, the Omni platform is a “no-code” omni-channel orchestration engine that hosts developer-friendly APIs and SDKs. Flexible and customizable, the platform lets organizations deploy flow experiences in minutes.

  • Secure Partnerships

Incode partners with public institutions that have policies to securely regulate access to government-managed databases. Under these policies, Incode remotely validates an identity without compromising the privacy or security of the underlying data. These interactions quickly and securely validate an individual while limiting themselves to only an affirmative or negative response.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Initially, Incode was intended to be a social media app that could automatically share an individual’s photos with friends. To accomplish this, Incode developed the world’s first facial recognition engine that could run on any device, including low-performance mobile devices and remain accurate in less-than-ideal conditions like poor lighting. Today, that expertise in performance, privacy and accuracy has become the foundation for many of the industry’s technological breakthroughs like the world’s first passive liveness to be certified by iBeta lab, a NIST-accredited lab.

Ultimately, Incode built its Omni platform, a fully automated, AI-powered orchestration platform with the unique capability of balancing privacy, security, and performance. Designed with flexibility in mind, the 50+ modules of the Omni platform allow clients to build their custom customer onboarding and verification workflows, aligning with Incode’s goal to power a world of trust through “one identity, everywhere.”

Unlocking the Potential

“Innovation, by its nature, is non-linear and unpredictable. Incode wants to remain at the forefront of digital identity verification while taking advantage of innovative technologies. To this end, Incode has designed its platform to be adaptable and modular. This allows the company to integrate emerging technologies and update processes quickly”, says Ricardo Amper, Founder and CEO of Incode.

As a result of the innovation and potential of Incode’s technology, the company reached a valuation of US$1.25 million last December.

As the leading provider of next-generation identity verification solutions, Incode is changing how people live by empowering a world of seamless human interactions. From finance to hospitality to sports, Incode is streamlining everyday experiences in the community.

One recent example is the implementation of Incode’s technology at sporting events in Mexico. Stadium attendees could skip manual ticket checks and get to their seats quicker, improving stadium security.

Over the Horizon

Incode’s next chapter is expanding the vision of “one identity, everywhere” to additional global industries. Incode is established with top financial, retail and hospitality clients in North America and plans to expand into additional industries in the region. Recently, the company has created partnerships with Rappi in South America and the Jumeirah Group in the Middle East. The company also intends to continue international growth with similar partnerships.

With its mission to build trust and democratize access, Incode works with several of the world’s biggest banks, fintech, hotels, governments, and marketplaces. Incode’s technology can be applied to any industry, anywhere in the world.

Tried & Tested Excellence

“The partnership with Incode furthers our strong commitment to servicing our hotelier, residential, casino, and other customers with the most advanced guest experience platform available,” said Robert Stevenson, CEO of INTELITY.

“Time is precious for our guests, and so we constantly look at ways in which to make their experience as seamless as possible so they can maximize their time with loved ones,” commented Pedro Deakin, Senior Vice President of Brand & Design at Jumeirah Group. “Our new partnership with Incode will leverage the system’s personal recognition capabilities and connectivity so that our in-house systems can intuitively tailor the guest experience based on purchasing behavior and stored personal preferences, building trust and strengthening connections.”