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Incapsulate: Revolutionizing the Way Businesses Engage With their Customers

Nothing is stagnant in this world of technology. The industry of information technology is undergoing enormous digital transformation every moment and it’s now just the beginning of this revolution. The experts of the industry say that the businesses are moving into the cloud, making agile methodologies the norm, and thinking in terms of digital and mobile solutions first rather than defaulting the old ways of doing business. This, in turn, is opening a set of entirely new opportunities and market for new businesses. The company which is leading the industry, creating a renaissance with the next-generation technology and disrupting the large, entrenched service providers while providing room for small and agile firms to thrive is Incapsulate.
From local governments to global corporation, Incapsulate changes the way businesses engage with the customers they serve. This leading company help its clients with digital transformations, allowing them to engage their communities and customers in new innovative ways. With a focus on using agile, cloud-based technology to solve business problems and deliver outcome-focused solutions, the company was incepted in 2008 as a consulting/services company. Right from its inception, the company had a diverse set of customers across both the public and private sector, including Fortune 500 financial services firms, leading healthcare providers and government agencies at all levels-from the White House to various states and local governments across the United States.
In early 2017, Incapsulate was recognized by the then Federal CIO for its contributions to the Federal CIO Council’s State of Federal IT (SOFIT) report. SOFIT was a comprehensive review of Federal IT aimed at providing an understanding of where it is today and how to continue with improvements and managements towards the path of modernization/to improve on managing and modernizing it.
Services which Makes Incapsulate a Renowned Name in the Industry
Incapsulate offers 311 solutions to help cities improve how they provide services to their citizens. It has developed a Salesforce-based product – the 311 Capsule – that allows the company to rapidly deploy city-specific solutions in addition to providing a broad spectrum of capabilities:

  • Data visualization and analytics services to help clients make better, more informed decisions; and
  • Salesforce implementation services for customers in government and industry.

Since its inception ten years ago, Incapsulate has been delivering extraordinary outcome-based solutions to businesses. The company is now centered around a focussed set of core offerings based primarily on the Salesforce implementation services. The company’s offerings are intended to complement and mutually reinforce one-another – 311 systems generate tremendous volumes of data requiring deep analytics and data visualization skills, while the Salesforce platform underpins its offerings and allows the company to focus on value-added capabilities rather than its infrastructure and basic functionality.
For any service providers, its biggest achievement is nothing but clients’ satisfaction. Similarly, Incapsulate claims that a large part of its credit revolves around the results delivered and the impact it has created in the minds of its clients and their customers. In the public sector work, the company’s 311 solutions are being implemented and/or being used in major cities, including Washington DC, Baltimore and Dallas to help them better connect with and serve their citizens.
Incapsulate has established a learning-oriented culture. In 2017, the company established Incapsulate University to help its staff learn the Salesforce skills they need to both get their certification and better serve its clients. It puts together study guides and instructional materials based on real project experiences to help its team members get their hands on real-life problems. Incapsulate also holds weekly learning session, which is led by the company’s senior Salesforce experts and opens an opportunity for the staffs to ask questions, get answers and learn collaboratively.
About the Entrepreneur leading this Organization
With an intent to focus on making the organization more effective in the industry, Ajay Batish, Founder and CEO at Incapsulate, leads the company. For him, technology is never an end in itself-it just happens that it is often a key enabler for the highest quality solutions. Over the years of advising senior executives, he has honed a keen sense for the problems they face. Today, he is steering Incapsulate towards the development of repeatable solutions. This is driven by a recognition that leaders across the country confront challenges that may differ in the details, but are structurally similar. Incapsulate’s leading product (the 311 Capsule) – a solution for the ways state and local governments engage with their citizens – is grounded in the recognition that everyone from Orange County, California to Boston, Massachusetts want their trash collected on time and their potholes repaired, and that local leaders everywhere are eager to adopt best practices that have been honed elsewhere and are applied for specific circumstances.
In an interview with Ajay, he has shared the tactics and strategies to win people’s trust and said, “Very simple – do what you say you will do and keep your client’s and your team’s best interests in mind. On all our projects, we strive to be trusted advisors to our clients. Sometimes this can mean turning down business opportunities or recommending solutions that don’t necessarily maximize Incapsulate’s position, but we value the long-term relationship over the short-term transaction. As a result, many of our clients have been clients for years. And many of our best employees come from referrals from our existing staff.
Ajay has also stated the major contributing factors behind his company’s success and said that it’s his team which is hungry to grow and learn with a constant focus on delivering something better to the world.
The Future from the Eyes of the Leading Enterprise
Incapsulate defines its future as a continued growth while making major investments in its human resource and their skills. The CEO of the company concluded the company’s future planning by saying, “We’ll keep looking for further opportunities to develop domain-specific products like the 311 Capsule but ultimately we want to make sure we remain focused on our clients and our people. If they succeed, we succeed.

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