Important Facts About Insurance and Car Accidents

Unfortunately, car accidents happen all too often. Even when minor, they are scary. The most important thing is that everyone involved is okay. But beyond that, there’s concern about damage to the vehicle or vehicles. For both personal injury and property damage, good insurance coverage is essential. This is when you would benefit greatly by looking at Root car insurance reviews.
For optimal protection at the most affordable rate, consider the things mentioned below:

  1. Multi-Coverage
    When looking at what different insurance providers offer, try to go with one that covers more than just your automobile. If you piecemeal coverage, you’ll pay much higher premiums. So, you want a provider that can bundle policies to include your car, home, business, recreational vehicles, and so on.
  1. Applicable Discounts
    Sure, you want the best protection possible in the event of a car accident, whether it is your fault or another driver’s fault. But at the same time, you don’t want to spend more than you have to. This is where discounts come into play. When talking to an insurer, make sure they apply everything they can to lower the cost of your premium. For instance, most insurance companies give discounts to people with excellent driving records, those who own a car with an anti-theft system, and individuals who bundle policies.
  1. Teen Drivers
    You’ll pay more for car insurance if you have a teenage driver since, statistically, teens have more accidents than adult drivers do. However, many insurance companies offer unique rate reductions. Here are two examples of how this works. First, you have a teen driver who carries a B average or higher in school. Second, your teenager ranks within the top 20 percent of his or her class. Even more exciting, these discounts stay in effect until your child turns 25.
  1. Liability versus Full Coverage
    With liability insurance, the policy covers the other party in a car accident. In other words, if you hit a vehicle, which results in the driver sustaining injuries and their automobile totaled, liability insurance covers the costs. With full-coverage, you and the other party, as well as both vehicles, have coverage related to a car accident. Although you’ll pay more for full coverage, it is generally worth it. Remember, liability insurance is more about the other party than it is about you. Also, if you have a loan on your automobile, you have to maintain full coverage. On the other hand, if you drive an old, beat-up car, then liability would probably make more sense.
  1. Change Deductibles
    Here’s a great way to lower your premium but without compromising on protection. Simply increase your current deductible. For example, if you have a $500 deductible, you could bump it up to $1,000. That way, you save money yet have the same coverage. Now, if you were in a car accident, you would have to pay the higher deductible before your insurance would kick in, but if you’re a good driver, you shouldn’t have to worry about causing accidents, right?
  1. Credit Score
    This one might surprise you. So, here’s the deal. By improving your credit score, your car insurance premium will go down. Today, credit plays a critical role in all kinds of things, including insurance. So, order a free copy of your reports from all three reporting agencies to include Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. This is crucial since they don’t necessarily rate the same accounts. Remember…the higher your score goes, the less you’ll spend on car insurance.
  1. Location Counts
    This is another factor that a lot of people don’t know about. Where you live is yet another factor that determines how much you pay for car insurance. So, if you’re thinking about moving, take this into account. As you can imagine, a house or apartment in a high-crime area is going to negatively impact your premium. Many insurance companies even factor in the length of your commute to and from work.
  1. Pay-as-You-Go Coverage
    If you’ve never heard of this, you’re not alone. This particular kind of car insurance helps people with excellent driving records and those who don’t drive great distances. What happens is the insurance provider installs a telemetric device in your vehicle. As long as you stay within the guidelines, the insurance provider will apply the discount.
  1. Shop Around
    The best advice for anyone who’s looking for car insurance is to shop around. Sit down with an agent and go over various policies so that you can compare what each one of them has to offer. While doing that, keep all the information provided in mind. If you’re ever in a car accident, you want peace of mind that you have outstanding coverage but at the same time, the protection you can afford.

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