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illustrate: Remarkable Sales Technology Solutions

Technology is revolutionizing workflow and processes in the financial services industry. “Calculation engine”, a well-known term in the industry, typically means a base module of software source code where some percentage of the base is standard from one company’s illustration system to the next. But, customized source code could give rise to some inconveniences (like code variations within each calculation engine). Hence, for each company’s unique set of calculation engines, there is a need for performance upgrades and conversions to new technologies.

The engine in True Engine ArchitectureTM (by Illustrate) is isolated from any company specific code. All business rules, unique calculations, product rules, rates, etc. are maintained outside the engine code base using SmartFileTM technology by Illustrate. This is a unique architecture which offers a number of benefits enabling their clients to build the industry’s best insurance products. And due to this, OPUS, with True Engine ArchitectureTM, is proving beneficial to numerous clients.

Illustrating Solutions

OPUS is a configurable product that lets you create custom illustrations and point-of-service solutions for producers, providing them the tools to build fruitful relationships.

OPUS Connect utilizes the base framework of illustrate’s OPUS technology to provide the industry’s only true Software as a Service (SaaS) model for deploying and maintaining cost-effective Web-based life insurance illustrations and point-of-sale solutions.

OPUS Mobile provides fast, easy access to life insurance quotes via today’s smartphone technology. Producers can quickly capture their client’s basic information and their attention with the sharp looking OPUS Mobile application. Providing both on-screen premium as well as e-mailed quotes as per the clients’ comfort, OPUS Mobile can help capture the prospects attention and close more sales.

OPUS Studio Tools is the unique set of development tools for building and maintaining illustration and electronic forms solutions. OPUS Studio Tools are built for insurance business and product experts. With different levels of expertise built into each of the tools components, clients can segment the work to different resources with the product knowledge and skills necessary to complete the tasks.

Vision to Lead as a Sales Technology Solutions Provider

illustrate is recognized by clients as a strategic partner with passion, integrity, and commitment that encompass everything they do to build strong lasting relationships with clients, employees and business partners.

Zahir Dhalla, Founder and Chairman of illustrate has served in various leading roles in the actuarial, policyholder taxation, system architecture, and system development areas.  In 1989 the company was founded to meet the life insurance software needs of the insurance industry in Canada, the United States and abroad. Prior to founding Illustrate, he accumulated more than a decade of knowledge and  enriching, varied experience working for a number of major Canadian life insurers for Life, Health, and Wealth product lines. A Mathematics graduate from the University of Waterloo, Canada, he is also an Associate of the Society of Actuaries.

Kevin Netterfield, President of illustrate brings experience and perspectives from the life insurance and financial services industry to illustrate. Twice during prior senior field leadership role, Kevin has worked with illustrate inc., as the vendor of choice for end to end sales solutions. Now, along with his team he helps other senior sales executives to create and deploy power and effective platforms to get results and achieve efficiencies.