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iLink Systems Inc.: Offering the Cutting-edge Technologies to Create Excellence in Digital Solution

With each passing day, technologies are getting more intelligent and smarter, and surprisingly the expectations from the technologies for the best and even better for upgrading business have become part of the requirement. Keeping up with the pace, digital market has increased the scale of excellence and there comes the names of the best of the industries like iLink Systems Inc. The organization has raised the bar and has created a platform which is too efficient for digital solutions.
iLink Systems Inc. is one of the Microsoft managed Global Software Solution Provider and Systems Integrator which has outshined from the very beginning of its journey. iLink delivers the next-generation technology solutions to help the clients solve complex business challenges, increase business productivity, realize sustainable enterprise value and transform businesses inside-out. Started with very few people in a small office and with limited infrastructure, the company currently has its headquarter in Redmond, Washington. Today iLink is a well-known name in the field of solution providing, it is the courage, commitment, belief and the willingness to go the extra mile have made iLink a successful organization in the global arena.
The Pillar behind the Success
With the vision of creating something unique, Sree Balaji, the CEO came up with iLink Systems Inc. in 2002. While a number of companies were going bankrupt due to the Dotcom bubble at that time, the faith and precession of this man were enough to sail through the struggling time, to reach the shore of ultimate success.
Sree Balaji is an alumnus of highly esteemed Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani. His strong knowledge in technology management and his background and specialties in technology consulting, along with different business ventures and business transformation comes from his notable educational background.
Before founding iLink Systems Inc., he had also worked for other brands, aiding their product development efforts and has also served as a BI expert. All these acquired knowledge and skills worked well for him in his business venture. Believing in three pillars of a successful business- Sales, Marketing and Client Delivery, he went on to win the odds against him.
The Root of Excellence
iLink started as product-development-service-shop providing solutions which are used in a broad range of industries and functions. Gathering confidence, this brand then unfurled its talent in focusing on industry-specific solutions and addressing challenges faced by different industries including Healthcare, Communications Sector, Environment Compliance, Education, Public Sector, Life Sciences and Oil and Gas.
Everyday new business ideas come and go, but there is certain linchpin which works as the winning factors, and the well-known formula is customer satisfaction, which iLink Systems Inc. never forgot or belittled. To create a permanent place in the market and cement the proficiency among the rest, there are certain factors that always work. iLink has been stellar to vouch for including new systems faster to the market, with a reduced cost, along with increased scalability, flexibility and creativity. It is counted as wise decisions of taking the advantage of already proven business integration experience and pre-built tested code for any new developments. Incorporating best practices and industry-standard designs are some of the other factors known for a great business skill. These certain factors of running new improved ideas with inventiveness and convention marked the path of eminence for iLink Systems Inc.
The Out-of-the-box Strategies
Originally started as a Product Development service shop, with the passage of time iLink Systems Inc. gained its preeminence on Microsoft Product Development and Maintenance, System Integration and Consulting Services.
iLink is recognized by Microsoft as a ‘Gold Certified Partner’ and a preferred partner to Microsoft’s clients and partners. Going ahead, iLink has embarked on focusing on the industry-specific solutions and addressing the challenges faced by different industries. To succeed in a certain field surpassing the competition is not easy. However, iLink has successfully evaded all the boundaries, only by working on out-of-the-box strategies. Some of their master strategies are:

  • Continue maturing its existing frameworks and differentiate itself from rest of the group through industry-specific solutions.
  • Offer Solutions + Licenses through Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program and be a one-stop partner for customers’ technology needs.
  • Continue to invest more in Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience program and help customers get a hands-on introduction to Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools.
  • Continue to invest more TCG group – A group of handpicked people who focus only on next-generation technologies and help customers adopt these technologies/platforms and reap business value out of it

The Vision of iLink Systems Inc.
Like every flourishing company, iLink too is expanding its operations and global presence through mergers and acquisitions (M&A). The company wants to continue to focus on delivering value on cloud-based solutions. Invest in expanding out the Internet of Things (IoT) practice, artificial intelligence (AI) & machine, learning (ML) initiatives and enterprise mobility & security (EMS) offerings. With the target of being the prioritized global solution, iLink Systems Inc. is currently devoted to coming up with the emerging technology to solve the global issue of data privacy for their clients.
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