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Arun K. Singh | CEO & Member of the Board | Ilantus

Ilantus Technologies: Simplifying Identity and Access Management

For digital technologies to deliver on their big promise, evolving cyber threats need to be addressed effectively.
The rapid adoption of digital solutions driven by the pandemic has converted identity into the ultimate attack surface. For businesses, having the right platform for Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the need of the hour. A platform that enhances security and simplifies complexity is essential to offer effective protection against cyber threats. A global leader in IAM, Ilantus Technologies is aptly serving this need. Founded in 2000, Ilantus provides cutting-edge IAM solutions to customers across the world.
Ilantus’ award-winning flagship product, Compact Identity, is designed based on two decades of deep experience in the IAM domain and provides organizations with an identity centric holistic cybersecurity solution built on the Zero Trust Framework.

“Ilantus Technologies simplifies the complexities of Identity & Access Management through convergence & innovation, providing world-class, economical, intelligent IAM for every organization.”

Arun K. Singh is the CEO and Member of the Board at Ilantus Technologies. With 25+ years of rich experience in the cybersecurity domain, he is an innovative and transformative industry leader, experienced in building and driving cybersecurity business globally.
Empowering Organizations with Holistic IAM Solutions
Ilantus started its journey as a professional services company and has implemented complex IAM solutions for some of the biggest brands in the world including many Fortune 500 companies. Based on this experience, Ilantus re-launched itself in 2018 as a product company by successfully creating its own IAM product called Compact Identity. In an industry that has only fragments of the IAM solution from each vendor, Compact Identity is a comprehensive solution that provides all the necessary components of IAM in a single platform and is ready to use with little customization.
Ilantus is currently the only company in the world that offers a true ‘SaaS Delivered, Converged IAM’ solution that is built on the Zero Trust framework. CIO Review recently listed Ilantus among the ‘10 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers in 2021’.
With Ilantus winning “Best Cybersecurity Solution of the Year 2021” and “Most Innovative in Converged IAM” award during the RSA Conference 2021 for Compact Identity, its new mission is to empower organizations of all sizes and industry verticals with holistic IAM in most efficient and economical way, enabling greater success in digital transformation initiatives.
Leading analysts agree that converged IAM is the future of IAM, especially in a covid influenced business landscape where WFH is the new normal. Compact Identity is one of its kind in the market today that converges full capabilities of Access Management, Identity Governance and Administration, Identity Analytics and Privileged Access Management in a single platform, backed by an intelligent risk engine.
Recognized by leading industry analysts for innovation, Ilantus’ Compact Identity is known for its unique features and ease of use. It drives superior ROI and exceptional user adoption rates. With 3 patents, this product is in the third generation of maturity and enjoys a diverse client base across Retail, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Telecom, BFSI and Government sectors.
Making IAM an Effortless Experience
Ilantus strives to provide reliable and intelligent IAM solutions to organizations, regardless of whether they are a small startup, mid-size company or an enterprise.
It aims to protect access to critical data and tailor unique IAM controls based on needs of the organization. Ilantus makes IAM uncomplicated, helping enterprises automate identity lifecycle and meet increasingly rigorous compliance requirements in a simplistic manner.
Relentlessly Pursuing Excellence
Ilantus always makes sure to put the needs of the its customers and people first. Customer centricity is at the heart of its functioning, with a constant aim to empower customers with the best cybersecurity solutions. When it comes to employees, Ilantians are encouraged to relentlessly pursue excellence and create a difference in the world. Ilantus strictly follows an open-door policy across all levels of the organization to ensure leaders are always approachable. It insists on keeping the pursuit of knowledge alive and encourages continuous learning, striving for brilliance and leaving no room for mediocrity. Integrity is a key dimension of the Ilantus DNA that plays a major role in all its interactions, be it with customers, employees, vendors, or channel partners.
Seamless Integration of AI/ML with Latest Cybersecurity Solutions
Ilantus is focusing on applied innovation to deliver differentiated IAM capabilities and simplify its converged IAM solution platform further for easy and rapid adoption by clients globally. With an emphasis on building an “Identity Fabric” that supports blockchain-based decentralized identity and self-sovereign identities, Ilantus is enhancing its identity analytics engine to integrate it with the latest cybersecurity solutions and create more use cases for AI/ML to reduce overall cybersecurity risk for its clients. Ilantus is continuously enhancing ‘Compact Identity’ feature sets to make it a complete IAM solution and maintain market leadership position in the class of Converged IAM space.
Meeting Increasingly Rigorous Business Requirements
“Compact Identity from Ilantus generated significant ROI for the business in a very short time post implementation. Since the solution is equipped with access management and governance capabilities, it makes it easier to have one product manage most of our IAM needs.” — Worldrenowned Telecom Company
“Ilantus solution helped us curb several of the issues that were severely impacting identity automation in our environment. Processes were complicated, manual approvals were piling up, resources were overloaded, and user experience was suffering badly. Compact Identity helped automate most of the processes and achieve compliance to federal regulations with a simplified workflow in place. Most of the teams became self-sufficient, approvals became seamless, and we achieved huge cost savings from reduced helpdesk calls.” — Global Financial Organization
“Prior to using Ilantus solutions, we tried our hands at another solution that took a long time to implement, and the in-house team had to spend several training hours to understand the solution. When we made the switch to Compact Identity, we were pleasantly surprised with the implementation speed, dedication and coordination of the team and the simplicity of the product. It helped us achieve full compliance with healthcare regulations as well.” — Global Healthcare Enterprise