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IIS Technology : Advanced Analytics for Modern Expectations

The people involved in a Big Data solution are as important as the process and technology. IIS’s team is noted for their certified PMP Project Managers with extensive expertise. Their experienced Data Scientist provides their customers the benefit of having expert level knowledge to design and implement a solution without the added expense to bring on-staff. IIS’s data scientist works as an extension of their customer’s team providing valuable insights and knowledge transfer.
IIS technology is a Systems and Cloud Services Integrator, specialized practice areas including, Hybrid Cloud, Big Data, IT Transformation, Data Center, IT Infrastructure, and Managed Services.
John Iacone: The Passionate Entrepreneur
John Iacone is the CEO and Founder of IIS, International Integrated Solutions an IT Solutions Company headquartered in Plainview, NY. Early in his career, John took the path of entrepreneur after successfully helping noted organizations and companies develop IT solutions. After 25 years at IIS, he continues to lead the market in adopting new solution areas including Big Data and Cloud.
IIS Technology Solutions in Big Data
IIS technology has deep subject matter expertise to help clients take advantage of the business value derived from Big Data. They work with their customers to Architect, Build, Migrate, Secure and Manage next-generation Analytics, Business Intelligence and Big Data Platforms to address their most challenging business use cases.
Initially during an assessment, IIS Technology evaluates the target use case/application. That work is followed by an initial service deliverable using the IIS Project Management Methodology & Frame-work. A Proof of Concept, POC can be conducted in-house at the client location of choice, at their state-of-the art integration center, or in a public cloud. During a POC, they apply practical experiences from the IIS system engineering, administrative staff to build the underlying infra-structure and data science teams to validate solutions and enable deep understanding of underlying technologies.
IIS technology has specialized experts in designing, deploying and operation-alizing the following areas:

  • HP Vertica, Hortonworks Hadoop, VoltDB
  • Legacy databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Postgres and MySQL
  • HP Security solutions such as HP Security Voltage and ArcSight
  • HP, VMware and Linux clustered based infrastructure solutions
  • Hybrid, private and public cloud infrastructure venues

IIS Technology helped one of their customers, a major marketing analytics company, address their tremendous growth in processing demands to conduct analytics on customers’ ads, perceptions and test versus control information by providing real-time performance, with a rich set of advanced analytics features.
For this engagement, IIS technology teamed with HP to architect a marketing analytics platform. Based on HP Vertica and HP infrastructure, the solution increased runtime performance, reduced in the number of servers, reduced IT OpEx cost, lowered cost per query and provided a stable and highly-available environment.
Future Focus
IIS’s future plan is about growing their business as they stay focused on executing on the strategy and plan that is in place.