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Peter Sanders & Gary Fay | Founder | identifi Global

identifi Global: Finding Gems from a Haystack

Robotics and AI machineries will take control of human workforce in the coming decades and will put skilled workforce out of job opportunities. According to the Economist, robots will take over 20 million jobs in the manufacturing sector in the coming decade. Another study conducted by Oxford economics has stated that within the next 11 years 14 million robots could be put to work in China alone. This will create huge unrest in the human workforce and will hamper individual dreams and aspirations. Company recruitment drives will be affected which in turn will affect the output of an organization. Many industries are finding novel ways to acquire highly skilled professionals and are ready to pay a hefty price for them. Among these industries, one such recruitment organization is identifi Global, which was founded in 2015 by Peter Sanders and Gary Fay in Bletchley Park, England.
Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between identifi Global and Insights Success:
What led to an inception of the company?
Both Gary and I worked for multiple recruitment companies, ranging from small specialist to large multinationals. We realised that there was something missing that the candidate experience delivered by most of those recruitment companies was lacking. The market was changing to become a candidate-led market. So, identifi was born on the basis of delivering an exceptional candidate experience.
Having a sales-led business tends to define the culture – you chase the deal. In recruitment, this can mean the candidate is simply treated as a commodity, we wanted to change that mentality and approach. Our candidate-led approach is baked into our culture and DNA. Our business performance KPIs are based on it, and consultants are rewarded on it. A candidate-led approach is the future of recruitment.
Could you throw some light on your mission and vision statement?
We understand what our purpose is – Market Leaders in personalised Career Management & Talent Acquisition specialists. That truly is who we are and what we stand for. We seek to make a positive difference to the candidate relationships that we have. We try to build long-term relationships with candidates and employers both from a culture and purpose perspective.
There will be a trend in the next five to ten years where candidates stop posting their CVs on job boards. They’re now working more in an around LinkedIn, social groups and networks and this will be where we engage them for their information. But essentially, we’re trying to develop a brand where the candidate sees us as their go-to resource for all things job related. It sounds obvious but it’s quite a novel approach because many agencies are still prepared to own a relationship for five minutes and move on, whilst we truly want career-long relationship with candidates.
Describe your company and its cutting-edge (domain of the respective project) solutions which address all the needs of your customers.
Firstly, Our KPIs – the engine of our business is quality driven than output driven. Most recruitment companies focus on the number of calls you make, the number of clients you bring in on a weekly basis. Ours are driven by candidate experience and customer satisfaction.
Second is our Commission based Candidate satisfaction, fully measurable, our model outlines our obligation to each candidate we work with. It also forms the basis for our consultants’ commission. After placing a candidate in a role, we survey every candidate in the process to see if they believe identifi, offered an excellent recruitment experience. If not, our team will not receive their full commission. Unlike other agencies, we, therefore, guarantee a truly candidate-led experience, from enquiry through to your placement and at every step afterwards.
Finally, our agile resourcing models, that puts culture fit at the heart of the decision-making process. We combine Contingency, RPO, Recruitment Marketing and Digital Resourcing solutions that deliver unparalleled results that flex with an organisation’s needs. A third of all employees hand in their notice within 6 months of their start date, stating “culture” as the main reason for it not working out. It’s now widely accepted the technical skill gaps can be taught, but many still cannot fully articulate their company culture. The benefits speak for themselves, companies with a well-defined and attractive company culture, attract the best talent, boost productivity and retain people for longer. So, what we really believe in is culturally getting the right candidate for the client and being able to measure culture. We provide free talent management tools to measure our candidates’ preferred behaviours, motivations and aspirations utilizing industry leading psychometric testing. We are now able to present a candidate not only with the right skills, technology and experience but further assure that hiring decision with the belief that they will truly fit the organization Not only does the result in a better return on your investment, but opens up a talent pool that would have previously been discounted when relying on technical skills alone.
How have you contributed in the growth of the company?
Pete: We’re a relatively young company, constantly evolving. Gary and I are still heavily involved in the business. I’ve been in the industry for fifteen years, and Gary for over twenty. We are considered thought leaders in recruitment, specifically cybersecurity. So we lead from the front and ensure candidate experience drives everything we do.
Gary:  I truly believe this is the direction that recruitment will move in. I think we’re probably a good two, three years ahead of everybody else. We’re path finding in the sense of really being able to measure what candidate experience looks like.
How are you contributing to the future of the cybersecurity industry?
We’re constantly thinking about future hires, especially in the candidate-short cybersecurity industry. Next year we’re moving offices to another part of Bletchley Park which will be dedicated to the future of Cyber Security as well as partnering with Qufaro – a dedicated cybersecurity school/college/university for young people coming into the industry. We are going to be working closely together with Qufaro who will be educating people and then we take them to market.