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Ideas for a relaxing weekend

Are you finally at a loose end this weekend? Maybe you’ve had a busy few months and you’re finally getting a moment to plan some relaxation time once Friday comes around. Or perhaps you’re booking out a weekend in the coming weeks for some R&R.

If you’re looking for ways to make this the most tranquil 48 hours, read on. We’ve rounded up some ideas to help you totally switch off.

Pamper Yourself

When did you last set aside some time for a soak in the tub? If you’ve got a face mask you’ve been meaning to try or a bath oil that’s been sat in your bathroom cabinet since Christmas, now’s the time to indulge. Make this weekend all about self-care.

You can sample your favourite fragrances and apply body lotion to neglected joints. This is a great opportunity to update your skincare routine too. It’s not always easy to find time to do a full routine, especially if you’re busy during the week. So, turn to the experts for tips and take the time to really care for your skin.

Read a Book

The pile of books on your bedside table are waiting to be read – so go for it! Pick up that recommended read that you bought a while ago or dip back into an old favourite. You have the time to get lost in the story, so settle into your favourite chair, get comfy and enjoy.

You might even want to double up on your relaxation activities and take your book into the bath with you!

Bake a Cake…

..or biscuits. Or bread. If you love nothing more than folding eggs and mixing sugar, set aside an afternoon for baking your favourite treats.

Plan out what you want to try first. Are you in the mood for biscuits? Or a zingy lemon drizzle? Take the time to work out the ingredients you need and stock up so that you have everything ready to go.

Having friends over to share your relaxing weekend? Bake for them too! Or if you’re all by yourself, you can always take any leftovers into work on Monday.

Try Some Activities

If self-care looks a little more active for you, this is a great opportunity to do what you love. Pop your trainers on and go for a jog, do some yoga or dance around your living room.

Alternatively, you might prefer some more sedentary activities. You could open up your bingo app on your phone or do a jigsaw.

Watch Something

With streaming services available at the touch of a button, you can be watching your comfort shows in no time. From reality TV and dating shows, to finally watching that film you’ve had on your to-watch list for a while, now’s your time to sit back and relax. Grab some snacks and hit play.