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Idea Dudes: Proffering Cutting-Edge, High-Value Technical Training for Businesses

Today, the demand for IT services is driven by rapid technological advances resulting in IT based certifications. They have long been a mainstay of IT education and professional credentials. These certifications are quick and readily recognized benchmark mapped to a specific skill set based on standardized testing. Likewise, most importantly, they provide framework by which technical people can learn and gain a level of proficiency in a specific IT-related topic. Secondly, it provides the recipient with a credential showing they have a defined body of knowledge in a specific area that increases the number of opportunities to move further in their career.

Based in Florida , Idea Dudes is one of those training and consulting company that is passionately committed in enhancing the technical knowledge of students, corporate professionals by providing cutting-edge and high-value technical training that allows them to brilliantly serve their organizations. Idea Dudes provides business solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. They basically focus on technologies that are presented by Microsoft. These include the new cloud services, specifically Office 365 and Azure. They provide training in both customized and MOC (Microsoft Office Curriculum). They also provide instructor-led training both virtually and on premise.

Michael & Ellina Krout are entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating solutions for businesses. Michael CEO/President brings to this enterprise over 31 years of architecture, analysis, development of information processing systems and training. Michael’s expertise centers on developing business solutions and training. He started his career in the United States Airforce (USAF). Michael has worked with Microsoft products from the beginning. He has done consulting for different organizations including U.S. Pentagon, Social Security Administration, and other companies around the world.  He currently holds several different certifications in Microsoft including MCT.  Ellina, COO holds a Bachelor’s degree in education from both the US and Russia.  She has been in the education industry for 22 years. She takes care of the European side of the business and also the sales management of the organization.

Idea Dudes had been in this business for over 16 years now, and are engaged in the development of hi-tech solutions, which include Web Design, Networking, Application Development, Training, Business Consulting, and Entertainment Packages. Idea Dudes brings to the arena vast years of IT experience with new outlooks for solutions to common problems. The purpose of Idea Dudes is to provide comprehensive solutions to business problems, not just providing solutions but also training to the client on how to develop solutions on their own. Combined with honesty, integrity and creativity, Idea Dudes is a think tank that combines business knowledge and technical prowess to assist businesses coming up with solutions that are thorough and cost-effective.

Over the last few years they have helped various companies to Migrate from Novell GroupWise to Exchange Server 2010,Implement Exchange Server 2013, Redesign Active Directory, Exchange Server 2010 infrastructures, SQL Server 2008 R2 clusters, Implement RDS Farms, Implement SQL Server 2012/2014 clusters, educate them on Office 365 and Azure and so on.

Idea Dudes foresees itself as a company that provides high quality business solutions that allow the company to continue to make money.
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