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ICM Document Solutions: Simple, Secure, and Affordable Business Automation Software

ICM Document Solutions began its journey in March 1998 as an imaging company. Its first clients needed to create digital copies of drawings, maps, illustrations, and legacy documents. Almost 30 years later, businesses are still on that journey of going paperless and ICM is still their preferred partner.
Of course, the organization has grown significantly in the intervening period and has expanded its services. ICM now provides Document Management and related Professional IT services, while continuing to provide high-quality Conversion Services, too.
The organization’s primary focus is on business automation software solutions. It helps its U.S. and global customers meet compliance requirements and improve internal efficiency. Both ICM’s software solutions and document scanning services play that role.
An Experienced Leader
In 1988, John Harrington joined ICM as a founding member. Today, he is not just the CEO but also ICM’s Chief Technology Officer. During his early years at ICM, John focused on developing many of the processes used to deliver high-quality solutions in document and film conversions. Today, he takes a practical, hands-on approach to direct the strategic design of ICM products and services.
John is excited to lead ICM and feels that they are uniquely positioned to help businesses achieve productivity and level of service goals through document capture, content management, process automation, self-service portals, and mobility. He is always spurred by his conviction that solutions should be innovative and user-centric.
De-papering the World of Business
ICM has positioned itself to “Make Paperless Happen.”
It helps businesses remove paper from processes that are traditionally paper-driven. This results in increased profit and productivity, and better customer service as well as improved employee morale and attitude. Business automation also helps ICM customers outshine their competition.
When the organization engages with a customer, it draws upon decades of experience. ICM’s holistic approach addresses all aspects of customers’ document management needs. Each business is unique, but by now there isn’t much ICM hasn’t had to understand and solve for their customers.
ICM’s customers often begin with digitizing existing paper documents. The document conversion services take place at ICM’s state-of-the-art 17,000 sq. foot facility. ICM staff can provide day forward scanning services if needed, or provide scanning tools if customers want to perform the process in-house.
A digital document management system becomes the repository of content. This provides centralized, web-based storage, retrieval, and retention management.
Viewcenter is ICM’s flagship Document Management System. Viewcenter enables businesses to manage all forms of data and documents. The hosted Viewcenter platform is scalable and highly dependable. It provides a consistent user experience, as well as prompt collaboration and communication features.
Businesses can enforce information governance because security is available at the document level. Varying levels of retention compliance can be configured by individual departments.
Viewcenter also offers an Electronic Forms module that enables forms to be published on-line and accessed from any computer, tablet or mobile device. Once submitted the form data can be rendered into an electronic document and stored directly into Viewcenter for review and any further processing.
Helping Customers with Their Paper-Intensive Processes
ICM’s business process outsourcing group has recently seen significant growth. It combines advanced document capture tools and processes with well-trained staff who perform all tasks associated with its customers’ paper-intensive processes across their start to finish lifecycle.
ICM has recently entered into a partnership with Salesforce, giving Salesforce customers access to even more options. Content repositories and document capture tools can now be part of a Salesforce implementation.
ICM has supported State technology initiatives for over 19 years. It has successfully provided complete document management services and business automation solutions to more than 35 State agencies since 1998.
The agency types include industrial commissions, departments of insurance, land departments and public safety.
ICM continues as an approved vendor to provide document management services to State and local government. This includes document management software, web portal software and related professional IT services. ICM also continues as an approved vendor to provide document and film scanning services.
ICM Knows its Audience
Before developing Viewcenter, ICM was a document scanning and conversion company. The organization learned and understood its customers’ need to store, retrieve and use documents of all types before it wrote its first line of code.
When developing Viewcenter, a set of core design goals were set. These goals focus on the end-user experience. ICM’s products are easy to use, intuitive and robust. This ensures faster and smoother user adoption and increased acceptance by their customers’ end-users.
Much of ICM’s product roadmap is the result of user feedback. This feedback drives the addition of new functions and features, while existing ones are always candidates for possible refinement.

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