You are currently viewing IBM’s partnership with Hootsuite releases, social media management toolkit to IBM Softlayer cloud

IBM’s partnership with Hootsuite releases, social media management toolkit to IBM Softlayer cloud

HootSuite, A social media management Platform has grown its partnership with IBM and agreed to provide more of its operations to the Softlayer IaaS platform.
Hootsuite’s providing is a social media dashboard that allows businesses and consumers to manage multiple Twitter accounts effectively while providing them with tools to schedule when to send out posts and monitor how they are received by their intended audience properly.
To grow the platform’s functionality, users can also use plug-ins and extensions that are offered through the popular HootSuite App Directory, which will soon be migrated to the IBM Softlayer cloud. IBM recently added its Silverpop email marketing offering to the HootSuite App Directory.
HootSuite will provide App Directory with a scalable, secure & localised infrastructure to run on while making it easier for the firm to roll out new features & functionality.
“IBM & Hootsuite continue to work together to drive the integration of social and cloud to empower clients with the ability to make data-driven decisions quickly and easily.”, said Sandy Carter, general manager of cloud ecosystems and developers at IBM.
“IBM Cloud offers high-performance, granular control & flexibility. When you couple that with its globally integrated footprint, we will have the ability to move data between data centers efficiently, which will provide resilience, flexibility, and control.”, said Aaron Budge, vice-president of operations and IT at Hootsuite.
Budge said, “We have had a great relationship with IBM for more than two years and are excited about expanding our relationship with new product integration and the ability to leverage IBM technology,”.
IBM & Hootsuite offers a program that will give students at 8,000 university faculties access to training on data analytics & cloud technologies.
The program will be available to those students who are already enrolled on IBM’s Academic Initiative, and it gives several months’ free access to educational resources which will teach them how to access Hootsuite platform.