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IBM Cloud Helps Indian Start-ups Drive Growth

Start-ups across the country are moving on to SoftLayer cloud for its agility, resiliency, and security.
According to NASSCOM’s ‘Startup Report 2014′, India has the world’s third largest and the fastest-growing start-up ecosystem. The country has 3,100 start-ups and nearly 800 get added every year. The number of start-ups in India is likely to grow to 11,500 by 2020.
IBM is powering cloud adoption among Indian start-ups by enabling them to do more with limited resources and budgets. With SoftLayer, start-ups can begin on a small scale and then expand rapidly to meet workload demands without having to worry about large investments in infrastructure development. As flexibility and agility are of utmost priorities for any start-up, IBM cloud solutions can help them innovate at a faster pace, enrich user experience and build affordable business models.
The start-ups have selected SoftLayer to host applications that are essential to their business and play an important role in their growth.

  • Clematix, an IT company specializing in consulting, application development, training and remote services will host its Java based applications on SoftLayer.
  • Ecoziee Marketing, which offers marketing consultancy and solution services, will put up its marketing analytics software for faster access and processing.
  • A specialist in healthcare and hospital management consulting and information system software and solutions, Goldstar Healthcare has decided to provide healthcare and hospital management software on cloud, ensuring reduction of IT expenditure, easy access for its customers, and scope for rapid expansion.
  • Vtiger, which offers customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation services, will use SoftLayer to provide cloud-based CRM solution.

“We wanted to begin the transition to cloud business model to host our healthcare solutions. Today, healthcare is all about harnessing information to make the best medical decisions for patients. Being in the healthcare industry, it is critical that our services and solutions are easily accessible and available for a larger set of audience without any disruption.” said Sadanand Reddy, Managing Director, Goldstar Healthcare. PVT Ltd. ‘’We believe that our partnership with IBM will help us achieve our goals.”
Enterprises of all sizes in India are gradually using cloud based technologies to improve performance across applications and workloads. Customers are able to preserve on-premise control of key applications and while shifting other workloads to the cloud for quick access to data, growth of new services and cost reductions. With IBM cloud, businesses now have the ability to more quickly re-architect existing and new services to grow and expand their businesses.
“IBM has a deep commitment to the entrepreneurial community and working closely with start-ups across the world. IBM’s cloud services give start-ups the required edge to compete and thrive in a challenging market place. We are excited to work with such amazing organizations and contribute to their growth”, said Vivek Malhotra, Cloud Leader, IBM India/ South Asia.
IBM has been committed to the overall development of the start-up community and runs several visionary programs to help them establish their business. Catalyst Startup Program and IBM Global Entrepreneur programs are few such initiatives which help emerging companies to harness the power of IBM cloud, as well as connect them into IBM’s vast global network of clients, consultants, innovation centers, and developers.
IBM is the global leader in open enterprise cloud enabling secure data and infrastructure integration in the cloud.