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Founded in 2011 and undertaking a “clean-sheet” approach to designing best in class software for the modern age, with an intuitive user interface and first-class architecture, provides cloud and mobile time and billing solutions, and more, for professional services firms. On top of that,’s experience with the best and biggest ERP systems in the world means that their application is incredibly flexible and can meet the needs of a variety of businesses out of the box with minimal configuration.
iBE offers cloud and mobile time and billing solutions and full project management, for professional services firms. Also, human resources, CRM, expenses, purchasing and asset management, best in class workflow and reporting or analytics.
Being in a competitive market with many other cloud solution providers, however iBE’s competitors tend to either offer low cost and easy to use solutions to just one function in the business such as time or expense, or project management; or the ones which offer a more complete end-to-end PSA like ERP vendors tend to be outdated and much more expensive. iBE set out from the very beginning to offer modern, easy to use and easy to deploy end-to-end solutions for SME’s in professional services and other project-centered industries. It is iBE’s combination of providing support for the whole business and their modern simplicity or ease of use which sets them apart.
iBE has always been focused on the customer and meeting customer needs has been its main goal. They accommodate almost all customer enhancement requests. iBE believe that customer focus has been the number one value which helped them overcome roadblocks.
Richard Minney, Maven of Technology
Richard Minney, founder and CEO, iBE has worked for 20 years as a management and IT consultant specializing in ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle. Over this time he learnt the benefits of running a business on a single application vs. a myriad of connected point-solutions, but felt that the offerings from traditional ERP vendors were far too expensive, complex and antiquated to meet the needs of today’s SME’s. With the goal to design, supply and support the best architected, most intuitive and elegant enterprise software available in the market for emerging businesses, he founded iBE.
Richard says, “there are two very different paths for a start-up to take. One path is the investment and the other path is more steady growth focused on the needs of the customer and slowly but more profitable growth without the distractions of external investment rounds.”
Future in the Fast-pace of Technological Change
iBE has a vision, to be the best application available in the market for running a professional services firm, where “best” is measured in terms of customer success, ease of use and deployment, and value for money. Its mission is to expand their client and user base steadily through referrals and online lead generation to reach a critical mass of recurring SaaS revenues.
iBE is excited about the future, which will evidence the fast-pace of technological change. iBE is also excited to continue expanding their footprint into related sectors such as construction, transport and legal firms.