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Ian Uriarte: A Problem Solver

There are no special classrooms or schools where leaders are molded. No one tells someone to stand and lead a company; leaders lead by their own will. There are many qualities that differ one leader from another, but the most important quality is being a problem solver. Being in business and leading a company means you will encounter complications, new problems, and hurdles you never anticipated. And, you will have to find solutions within time constraints. Leadership is a quality that no one can teach; it must be acquired through daily experiences, by learning from mistakes and getting out of your comfort zone. Ian Uriarte is aleader who has mastered the skill of problem solving, which has contributed to his company’s success in tech.
 Ian Uriarte, Founder and CEO of Timbergrove, is a serial business and social entrepreneur who has successfully lead business and non-profit organizations over decades. His focus over the last twenty years has been in the Software Services, Technology, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Transportation, and eCommerce industries. During his time working for IBM, Ian consulted for companies like Shell, Nissan, Michelin, and the US Federal Government. At Timbergrove, Ian has led his team in the last few years into the space of IoT for Enterprise Asset Management solutions, helping clients maximize investments in physical assets by increasing asset longevity, increasing work order visibility and creating operational excellence while reducing risk in safety, health and increased compliance in environmental.
Ian’s goal is for Timbergrove to grow as a business that provides value not only through technology solutions and consulting, but also through embracing open source and industry standard software that has been enhanced by his team and their network of partners. He is working to continue to strengthen his leadership team and grow the business in a scalable and sustainable way. His team is encouraged by its opportunities in Latin America and Europe, where they are forging alliances and partnerships to complement their capabilities and increase Timbergove’s presence in those markets.
Timbergrove: Accelerating the Possibilities for Smarter Business Decisions
Timbergrove’s expertise is in informing decision-making by bridging the gap between devices and systems and providing a comprehensive view of asset performance by harnessing the power of IoT and big data analytics.
An IBM partner and an AWS partner, Timbergrove also offers its own platforms for IoT and predictive analytics. The team uses IBM’s cognitive computing technologies to address big data and predictive analytics problems. And, Ian’s desire is to continue to expand Timbergrove’s clients’ use of technology in more integrated ways.
Overcoming Hurdles
Ian’s flexibility, teamwork, hardwork and persistence helped his team to overcome the hurdles associated with growth. “I approach opportunities and challenges with a win-win mentality, and find this mindset to be key in working with customers and through customer problems,” says Ian.
Additionally, Timbergrove’s team possesses a unique understanding of business operations in a variety of industries. This gives them the ability to work with their clients to solve business problems (rather than just technology problems). Their expertise is in bridging the gap between operational technology and business, and this allows them to help business users and the IT group make better use of technology. Ian adds that his team’s strength comes from their ability to consider the needs and impacts to an overall system, rather than working as specialists within a single area. He looks for team members who are able to see the big picture, as well as understand the details.
Providing Integrated Supply Chain Solutions
Timbergrove’s business has expanded from solving isolated problems for customers to developing integrated solutions that make impacts throughout the supply chain. From market forecasts to inventory issues, Ian and his team help their clients to connect the dots to determine the causes of inefficiencies. For example, accurately predicting demand and ensuring inventory levels are in place to support it.
Benefits to Clients
Clients get more than an IT company or consultancy when they work with Timbergrove; alliances with experts in multiple fields are an advantage for clients. At the same time, clients benefit from the level of attention they receive in working with a smaller company, as well as a more competitive price.
Timbergrove is growing its presence in Latin America and Europe, and working even closer with partners to integrate processes and deliver broader solutions that impact more areas of customers’ businesses. “We expect to continue to address broader supply chain issues where we can add tangible value, rather than isolated technology problems,” adds Ian.