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i-Sprint Innovations: Building Trust and Identity Assurance

There are many threatening risks organizations face in the cyber world. Some of these risks include cyber-crime, authentication attacks, data leaks, breaches, application attacks, and the list goes on. Any of these attacks are detrimental to the growth business. This is where the need of the authentication solution provider arises.
i-Sprint Innovations is the world class authentication solution provider. It delivers trusty, versatile and strong authentication, and identity management platform to secure multiple application delivery environments based on a common security platform.
Ensuring Secure Access and Protection of Data 
i-Sprint Innovations (i-Sprint), established in the year 2000, is a leading provider in Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) Solutions. It is incorporating the latest Mobility/ Biometrics/ Cloud/ Identification technologies in the most effective and efficient manner to build trust and identity assurance. Its core business is to ensure secure access and protection of data/ transaction/ asset among the four major IT forces (Cloud/ Social/ Mobile/ Information).
i-Sprint has built two R&D centers with 120 plus engineers/experts to monitor the technology changes, it is incorporating the latest trends such as block chain, mobile security in its solutions, it developed its own IPs based on the latest standard such as FIDO, cloud security ISO, it understands the requirements from partners /customers and provides the best solutions for them. Moreover, its eighteen years proven experiences with bank graded standard further enables it to remain the leading company in the industry.
Besides its strong presences in IAM market with over 200 global customers (more than half are finance service institutions), it has expanded its core technology to provide the new generation brand protection solution, which has been highly demanded by manufacturing industry in recent years.
Driven by Core Values 
The name of the company (i-Sprint) itself represents its core values
i – Identity Credential & Access Management Solution (IAM)
S – Scalable
P – Partner & Customer Centric
R – Resilient
I – Innovative
N – Niche & Nimble
T – Teamwork
“Innovation” is one of i-Sprint’s core value and with 60% of its manpower is technical and engineer people, it has been able to innovate in the last eighteen years. Its other core values have empowered the team to innovate more effectively and to focus its development on IAM solution.
Over the years, i-Sprint has developed its own IP – AccessMatrix suite from “on premise only”, in the beginning to cloud offering as well as support mobile workforce accessing the system across different platforms. i-Sprint has enhanced its products as per the current and future market needs.
i-Sprint’s knowledge and digital identity have enabled it to excel its solutions in identity of thing (IDoT) and innovate a new generation Brand Protection solution. This solution is for anti-counterfeiting, track and trace and consumer marketing with strong security backend and data collection. For the past two years, its solution has been able to win clients in publication, F&B, health products, automatics, pharmaceutical and more.
Besides its own development and innovation, it has been working with partners for advance technology to fuel its growth.
Instrumental Leadership 
As the Chief Executive Officer, Dutch Ng is instrumental in providing strategic guidance on corporate technology and security policies, network infrastructure, technology platforms, business applications, products and services strategies by establishing and managing financial and business performance of the organization.
Pulling through Adversities 
The initial stage of i-Sprint’s development, the year 2000 was particularly challenging period. It was essential to build its own IP /technology and also required the fund to sustain its existence. In order to support research and development in the creation of its IAM solution suite, i-Sprint started off doing system integration job for companies. Through these projects, it learned more about the different multitude of problems and preferences of companies experienced in the area of IT deployment, which further emphasized its desire to create a platform for consolidated IT security services.
The SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) epidemic, which hit Singapore in 2003, was another challenging period in the company’s history. Customer visits were nearly impossible during that period, which led to a significant toll on i-Sprint’s sales and finances. The team was faced with the tough decision of whether to soldier on through the lean times or to call it a day. Eventually, with its determination, perseverance, and teamwork, it pulled through the difficult period. Its business took off in 2005 with the successful launch of its AccessMatrix™ suite for identity, credential and access management (ICAM).
Remarkably Secure Solutions 
i-Sprint’s product offerings are in further divided into three major categories:
1)AccessMatrix™ – Suite of Identity and Access Management Solutions
2)YESsafe – Mobile Security Solution
3)AccessReal™ – The New Generation Brand Protection solution.
This prime i-Sprint’s products are admired by industry leader for catering the diverse regulatory requirements.
Digital Identity and Access Protection 
i-Sprint’s digital identity governs the verification of users’ identity and access protection. The AccessMatrix™ is the solution suite that enterprises can implement strong authentication, single sign-on, access control, identity management and end-to-end encryption solutions to safeguard asset, data, and transaction.
i-Sprint’s AccessMatrix™ featured patented technology is a A Hierarchy Model. This hierarchy model, when implemented, is capable of allowing security administrators to centrally manage user and application security-related attributes (authentication methods, access rights, privileges, access control rules) and other application attributes.
i-Sprint’s AccessMatrix IAM Suite and YESsafe Suite of Mobile Security solutions cover the security requirements for the entire Identity and Access Management Cycle from Smart User Provisiong/De-provisioning, Adaptive and Contextual User Authentication, Multi-environment Secure Single-Sign-On, flexible Access Control via coarse grained and fine grained authorization policy. Its solutions have been successfully deployed to address the security requirements for multiple access channels: Desktop, Web, Cloud, VDI and Mobile.
AccessMatrix™ Universal Authentication Server (UAS) is a comprehensive and versatile authentication server that enables organizations to centralize all its authentication schemes in a single unified platform. It is a future-proof authentication infrastructure that supports multiple authentication mechanisms (such as passwords, OTP, biometrics) for strong authentication and authorization requirements. UAS is FIDO UAF (Universal Authentication Framework) certified.
UAS offers the freedom for organizations to deploy various authentication methods from different vendors under one platform, and manage it as a holistic security approach. This means organizations will not be restricted or locked to a specific hardware or software authentication solution. The use of Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) approach also allows organizations to have ease of adding new methods when available on top of their existing scheme.
AccessMatrix™ Universal Sign On™ (USO) provides a non-intrusive approach to enable organizations to achieve single sign-on to multiple web and client/ server applications without any source code changes. USO automates the single logon process to access applications, enhances the authentication process, and enforces a unified password management policy across multiple applications. The solution combines sign-on and sign-off automation with context management and fast user switching on workstations to improve access to business information, reduce operational errors and costs.
AccessMatrix™ Universal Access Management (UAM) is a web service based integration platform with 4As security components and agent technologies enable organizations to strengthen application security and enforce fine grained access control policy to manage users in accessing confidential information and critical business transactions. UAM provides Single-Sign-On capability to all web based applications in the enterprise and all access control decisions are made by the AccessMatrix Security Server.
AccessMatrix™ Universal Credential Management (UCM) is a Web Based Privileged Account management solution with multi-level approval flow empowers organizations to manage the use of privileged User IDs and Passwords to access confidential information and prevent information and data leakage.
Comprehensive Mobile Security Management
YESsafe AppPortal+ is a comprehensive Enterprise Mobile App Security Management Solution that creates a unified security platform to help enterprises to deploy, secure and run their mobile apps and authenticate their users.
YESsafe Token+ is a new generation all-in-one mobile security token using One Time Password (OTP) and PKI / Digital Certificate technologies for strong authentication and transaction authorization. It not only provides transaction signing to provide non-repudiation and data integrity protection, it also leverages the advanced features of mobile devices to offer security protection and ease of use.
YESsafe Protect+ proactively protects mobile apps against various risks and attacks, allowing mobile apps to run securely even on highly infected devices. AppProtect+ also provide callback APIs to fulfill user demands, such as to collect and send the risks data to the server. Comparing with the traditional Antivirus software, AppProtect+ can protect app without virus database update or internet connection; Comparing with the hardened app solution, AppProtect+ can prevent passive attacks (like reverse engineering, repackaging and source code modification), and respond by taking necessary measures to if real-time attacks are detected during app running.
i-Sprint’s YESsafe Android/ iOS Client and Authenticator Combo has attained the new FIDO UAF Level 1 (L1) Certification.
World Class Brand Protection 
AccessReal™ is a world class brand protection solution for anti-counterfeiting, track & trace and consumer marketing. By providing a unique Identification coding tag (barcode, QR code, clone-proof AR code RFID, NFC, etc.) for each product, it allows companies to minimize counterfeiting activity, perform product logistics tracking, link customers to product and provide business intelligence for better business planning and direct interaction with customers.
Other than the bank-grade security features and data analytics capabilities, AccessReal also provides a mobile platform for consumers, distributors, resellers, and other stakeholders in the supply chain to leverage mobile devices to authenticate the products, receive news/ promotions and establish direct communication.
Global Presence 
i-Sprint’s clients include leading global and regional financial service institutions, government agencies, public utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, education, multinational corporations, and others.
Currently, i-Sprint has a direct presence and active authorized partners across Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and the United States.
Differentiation from Competitors

  • Proven bank-grade technology with over 80 major financial customers worldwide
  • Solid foundation with 100% owned IPs with patented technology
  • Complete Suite of ICAM solution is available on-premises and cloud offerings to ensure scalability, flexibility, expendability
  • Tailored and built a secured platform to support various authentication mechanism. Therefore, choices of authentication methods are maximized
  • Recognized as the world leading ICAM Solution Provider by many world leading IT organizations such as Gartner/ Cybersecurity Ventures/ Info Security Products Guide/ NetworkWorld Asia
  • Presence in Asia is exceptionally strong

Recent Awards/ Recognitions 
The only ICAM (Identity, Credential and Access Management) Vendor in Asia that has been featured in Gartner Reports since 2006 (Gartner is an American research and advisory firm providing information technology-related insight for IT and other business leaders located across the world)

  • Since year 2015, listed in Cybersecurity 500 Directory
  • 2018 NetworkAsia Readers’ Choice – Winner in Identity Management Suite Category
  • 2018 Information Management Awards – Winner in Identity & Authentication Management Category
  • 2018 Security Industry’s Global Excellence Award – 9 Awards
  • 2017 Enterprise Innovation Awards, Technology Innovator, Winner in Identity & Authentication Management Category
  • APAC CIO Outlook Top 25 Cyber Security Technology Companies 2017

Insights into Future 
i-Sprint Innovations plans to keep innovating its product offerings for the needs of its customers. It is going to continue to develop its technology to capture new opplemortunity in the market. It is determined to cover more markets in Asia and also expanding to US and Europe countries. It is open to partnership in future with competitors that have products that compent theirs to pitch solution to customers.
Company Name: i-Sprint Innovations
Featured Person: Dutch Ng, Chief Executive Officer