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Simone Maraini | CEO | HZO

HZO: Protecting What Matters the Most

As technology evolves, products & devices – especially consumer electronics, get smaller, more complex, and more portable for their users. With this new mobility and device complexity comes never before experienced exposure to a wide variety of environments. Rain, chlorine, sweat, corrosive gases and more often threaten the sensitive electronics inside these expensive and necessary devices.
HZO, the leader in protecting electronics from the most demanding environments with world-class nanocoatings to enable a better, more durable product recognized that the available protection options (seals, gaskets, heavy & thick conformal coatings) had significant drawbacks, especially for this new generation of electronics. With this knowledge, the company developed a series of protective thin-film coatings catering to the demands of low to high volume manufacturing called the HZO Spectrum of Protection™. These coatings are applied during the manufacturing process, directly to the internal circuitry and PCBA of a device, preventing water and liquid damage.
Since its foundation in 2011, brings together the people, process, equipment and material science necessary to create a tailored solution in order to meet customer requirements. Top-tier companies from Consumer Electronics to IoT, Automotive to Health, and more count on HZO to deliver a better, more reliable, and more durable water resistant and waterproof product, reducing costly returns, improving customer satisfaction and retention, and enhancing overall OEM brand value. HZO sets the standard in protecting electronic devices from the inside out, regardless of the environment, be it water, sweat, corrosion, and more.
Years of innovation culminated in the exciting announcement of HZO’s fully commercialized solutions in 2012. Since then, HZO hasn’t stopped pushing forward, continually innovating, enhancing and validating its technology to better meet and exceed market needs and offer a superior and unmatched turn-key solution for manufacturers and brands. The company is proud to have its world-class Spectrum of Protection™ featured publicly on many top-tier brands’ products including Rakuten Kobo, Motorola, Dell, Netatmo and more. HZO has worked hand-in-hand with these and many undisclosed companies from various industries to ensure superior protection and quality by utilizing its proprietary ecosystem of solutions.
Protecting People’s Professional and Personal Lives
According to HZO, the world is full of more electronics than ever before. By 2020, there will be over 30 billion connected devices alone. They affect people’s personal and professional lives. They impact the cars we drive, the cities we live in, they even impact the memories we create and store. It’s critical that these electronics continue to function regardless of the environments they are exposed to. That is where HZO comes in. It protects what matters most to its clients.
Making Products Better and Durable
HZO combines people, process, materials, and equipment together into a one stop, turn-key solution for electronic manufacturers and brands. It has been able to tailor this mix to meet the specific needs of its customers.
HZO’s revolutionary Spectrum of Protection™ technologies, proprietary equipment and unique processes make electronics waterproof and resistant to corrosion. By applying nano coatings and thin-films directly to printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), sensors and other components during manufacturing, HZO can protect components from accidental splashes, sweat, humidity, industrial liquids, and even full submersion.
One highlight of HZO that sets it apart from its competitors is the proprietary Spectrum of Protection™. This portfolio of diverse coatings enables a customer to find the specific coating they need for the specific protection they are looking for. Full submersion in salt water? There is a coating for that in the Spectrum of Protection™. Sweat? There is a coating for that in the Spectrum of Protection™. Pollutants and noxious gases? There is a coating for that in the Spectrum of Protection™.
The Industry Veteran
Simone Maraini, the CEO joined HZO in 2014 to lead the company’s expansion into Europe and was promoted to Chief Sales Officer in 2016. One year later, Simone was appointed CEO of HZO to lead the company to significant growth and expansion. Along with his strong financial and M&A experience, Simone has worked with leading manufacturing companies across several of HZO’s target industries including aerospace and defense. Prior to joining HZO, Simone was the CFO of Alenia North America, where revenues rapidly grew from $25 million to $320 million, a prime contractor for the U.S. government. He also held the same position for Global Aeronautica, a joint venture between The Boeing Company and Alenia Aermacchi. Simone earned his bachelor’s degree in law from Universita La Sapienza in Italy and completed the Executive Management program (AMP178) at Harvard Business School. He is fluent in multiple languages including Italian, English, French and Spanish.
Targeting Wide Variety of Industries
HZO engages in a wide variety of marketing opportunities to specifically target its customers – OEMs and brands from a wide variety of industries including consumer electronics, IoT, medical device, and automotive. These marketing opportunities include a compelling website with informative content, specific calls to action, and general benefits to the customer as they learn how protective coatings can add value to their businesses. HZO also participates in events, speaking opportunities, media relations, market studies, and more.
When Corporate Social Responsibility Plays a Big Role
Everyone at HZO knows that a business is a vessel to make the world around them greater. So, according to HZO, Corporate Social Responsibility consists of four key elements:

  • Environmental Efforts: HZO believes in responsible manufacturing and materials and is doing its part to be a part of the solution by housing environmentally friendly coatings within its Spectrum of Protection™, implementing responsible manufacturing processes, as well as working to decrease the amount of electronics and eWaste found in landfills due to liquid and water damage.
  • Philanthropy: HZO participates in and encourages efforts of philanthropy as an organization down to its individual employees.
  • Ethical Labor Practices: HZO employs team members around the world and ensures they are in compliance with local and national labor laws.
  • Volunteering: HZO is proud to be a part of whatever community it finds itself in by organizing community volunteer efforts for its employees as well as supporting them in their individual volunteering endeavors.

Adapting the Latest Technology
Unique to the industry, HZO designs, builds and deploys its proprietary coating equipment in-house. This enables the company to be nimble and quickly adapt the latest technologies available to better its manufacturing processes which in turn better HZO’s customers. HZO believes it is years ahead than many other coating providers in terms of technology and IP. Thanks to the efforts of its extensive R&D team and company overall.
When it comes to the future, the company is continually innovating to provide the best protection solutions for its customers. One can expect additional solutions added to its Spectrum of Protection™ in the future, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of protection solutions for electronics.