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Hugo Barra leaves Xiaomi, heads back to Silicon Valley

Global VP and Rockstar of Xiaomi, Hugo Barra announced his departure from the Chinese smartphone giant. In a long and lengthy post via his official Facebook account, Barra stated the reasons for his departure from a super brand at a global level transformed from a startup company. Lin Bin, Xiaomi Co-founder and President quickly commented that Xiang Wang, Xiaomi Senior Vice President, would now lead the Xiomi’s entire global efforts moving forward.
Barra stated that his decision to return back to Silicon Valley is all about returning back to his home. “I moved to Beijing, 6,500 miles out of my comfort zone in Silicon Valley, to build from scratch a startup team within a bigger startup… I can proudly say that Xiaomi Global is the first baby I helped bring into the world,” wrote Barra on Facebook.
Barra added to his Facebook post, “But what I’ve realized is that the last few years of living in such a singular environment have taken a huge toll on my life and started affecting my health. My friends, what I consider to be my home, and my life are back in Silicon Valley, which is also much closer to my family. Seeing how much I’ve left behind these past few years, it is clear to me that the time has come to return.”
Barra has been more than a vice president for Xiaomi. He has been the Xiomi’s global face as it grew outside China and in countries including India and Indonesia, Barra has become synonymous of Xiaomi. He has done keynotes, during the launch events and has interacted with Xiaomi fans and media in a way that has only added great to the charm of Xiaomi.
Barra has also put the company on the map of global media with Xiomi media sessions at the Mobile World Congress and has frequently appeared on the web channels and TV and in the US on behalf of Xiaomi. He introduced Xiomi’s products to an audience that probably hadn’t even heard of the Chinese company.
After a stint with Google, where he was part of the core Android team and was considered a probable heir to head the team, Barra had joined Xiaomi. Sometime later, he had surprised the Silicon Valley insiders with announcement that he was relocating to China to join Xiaomi.

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