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Hughes Network Systems

Hughes Network Systems: Leading Broadband Satellite Technology Globally

Hughes Network Systems, LLC is the global leader in broadband satellite technology and services for home and office. Its vision is to be the global connectivity provider for people, enterprise and things. For enterprises and governments, the company’s HughesON™ managed network services provide complete connectivity solutions employing an optimized mix of wide area technologies and infrastructure solutions such as Wi-Fi, VOIP, switches and digital media products.
Hughes enterprise customers include large distributed organizations and franchises in industries such as retail, restaurant, retail petroleum and convenience, banking & finance, hospitality, healthcare, government, oil & gas and more. The company is the leader in secure managed SD-WAN for enterprise, with 30,000 deployed SDWAN sites and individual customers with up to 3,500 managed SD-WAN locations. Globally, it manages approximately 450,000 business sites within its HughesON Managed Network Services.
Customized Solutions
Hughes offers a fully customizable suite of managed services that have been adapted for different enterprise applications from retail and restaurant to retail petroleum and government networks. Every solution is customized to meet individual enterprise needs and site requirements including installation, project management, security, configuration management, field repairs and help desk support.
Hughes can integrate and manage SDWAN solutions with broadband access anywhere via best-available wireline, cable, wireless and satellite transport, and utilizes a range of partners to tailor security, Wi-Fi, VOIP, and LAN infrastructure to each site. Hughes additionally offers digital media and training solutions for employee and customer engagement.
The Journey of Invention
Building on its legacy of more than forty years of networking innovation, Hughes continues to advance enterprise networking. From an initial foundation in X.25 equipment to the invention of the VSAT (very small aperture terminal), Hughes has pushed the boundaries of integrating technology and service. Today, the company delivers an award-winning Managed SD-WAN solution with industry-leading next generation firewall and unified threat management (UTM) software, utilizing an edge based approach that improves cloud and direct Internet access and reduces network traffic.
Designed for the challenges of a broadband based network, a HughesON Managed SD-WAN is the only SD-WAN solution featuring zero touch configuration which means the system continuously senses network behavior and automatically configures itself. As both a hardware and software engineering company as well as a leading service provider, Hughes leverages real-world expertise to drive the next cycle of engineering development.
An All Encompassing Leader
Dan Rasmussen is the Senior Vice President of the Enterprise Business and is responsible for leading the organization that supports large enterprise, small business, and government customers. This involves oversight of sales and marketing teams and development of enterprise solutions. Mr. Rasmussen holds a Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.
Network Demand
The digital revolution creates unprecedented network demand as enterprises increasingly rely on cloud-based applications. Hughes recently commissioned a Forrester Consulting study to explore the challenges of distributed networks for enterprises with 200+ locations. The study revealed the industry is at a tipping point, with increased network complexity and demand driving migration to new solutions. Over 40 percent of those surveyed are not satisfied with overall network performance. More than a quarter are less than satisfied with network security. Two thirds report outages at least twice a year; one in five experience outages monthly.
The biggest challenge lies in getting the correct infrastructure and equipment to the distributed enterprise to meet increasing needs for reliability and bandwidth. Additionally, the new set of applications combined with growing data volume means that every network experiences congestion that can impact mission critical applications unless the right configuration is implemented.
A One Stop Provider
Hughes is the leading one-stop provider of secure SD-WAN managed services for multi-branch organizations globally, serving nearly half a million sites worldwide. It is a true business partner, understanding and addressing client challenges as its own and going the extra mile to craft the right solutions, without limit to provider or transport. The company also helps clients “future proof” and scale their networks, preparing for the demands of tomorrow. Hughes has a cadre of customers that have utilized its services for 10+ years — the trust built over years of partnerships is one of Hughes greatest strengths.
Uniform Experience
Hughes unifies its solutions around the world so that customers have a uniform experience globally. The company continues to incorporate advanced data science – such as machine learning and artificial intelligence – across a wide range of use cases, from improving network performance to improved security. In 2018, Hughes established an in-house data-science incubator, with the goal to significantly improve network performance to customers while reducing operational costs.
Cliental Assessment
“Earlier we had to install a dedicated circuit at each store just for our increasing store applications, with no backup protection. Now we can do everything with one Hughes solution and gain backup for our back-office operations. That’s huge for us because we rely on Market Basket and other applications every day to maximize profitability and efficiency at our stores. Hughes ActiveTechnologies with 4G backup was the key to getting all those things working.”