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Hoylu: Introducing Advanced Group Collaboration in Highly Scalable Digital Workplaces

To manage advance digital industry changes, many leading organizations across business and government sectors have implemented a digital workplace strategy. By intelligently merging the technologies that many businesses already use, the digital workplace has broken down the communication barriers and is transforming employee experience to one promoting efficiency, growth, and innovation. The key to success, however, depends on the implementation of a digital workplace strategy — requiring one that is capable of driving true change within the organization.
As workplaces become digital, the whole workforce and upper management can communicate and collaborate in many new and effective ways. The ability to combine productive business relationships beyond the natural work groups enables knowledge sharing across the organization. Keeping the inclusive video conferencing solution industry in the mind, Hoylu AB, a premier, innovative company, delivers platform solutions to enable powerful collaboration and highly scalable digital workspaces. Hoylu Software Suite is the critical tool of modern workplaces.
Remarkable Voyage of the Organization
Smart boards were initially introduced 25 years ago, but most people still use analog whiteboards and paper post-it notes in the office. Videoconferencing solutions, launched in the early 90s, have become better, especially the quality of voice and video; although the quality is still not ideal for true collaboration and sharing of content. Most systems do not offer good interoperability, and include expensive and proprietary hardware. The market for unified communication and collaboration is dominated by large global companies that have a legacy of proprietary thinking and the ambition to control the customer and its content. Today’s marketplace is becoming more fragmented, workforces more dispersed, and as hardware becomes commoditized, the real competitive advantage comes from the ability to innovate and be effective as a team. Hoylu has taken the entire scenario as an opportunity and started their journey with digital innovation in the user-friendly interface.
Hoylu, established in December 2016, recruited their team through a long established personal contacts and network. They had huge global enterprises as pilot customers which helped them initiate their business and gave valuable guidance to their product roadmap. By working closely with a team and moving fast with an experienced management, they have managed to continuously improve and prepare themselves for strong growth.
The Erudite Leader of the Company
Stein Revelsby, CEO of Hoylu AB, has more than 30 years of experience in domains like technology, investment banking, venture capital, strategy consulting, and operational roles.
Stein, originally from Oslo, Norway, spent many years working in Scandinavia before moving to Los Angeles. He is passionate about technology and understands the importance of being hands-on and satisfying customers’ needs. He often compares business to sports and the importance of having a great team, along with good timing, hard work, and persistence.
Efficient & Productive Vision of the Organization
Hoylu`s Vision is to connect people and information in ways that are more efficient, productive, engaging, and fun. Hoylu enables people to create, share, present, or manage projects, structured as well as unstructured data using ultra large workspaces, projector walls, large touch displays and personal devices from anywhere, in real-time or when off-line.
The organization is a spin-off from Media Interaction Lab in Austria combined with an experienced management team and a senior software development team in Seattle, US. The combined team has many years of experience and background in working with intuitive technologies, touch and pen-based input, user interface design and unified communication.
Delivering Exclusive Products and Services
Hoylu Software Suite is a platform that consists of four applications: Sketch (unlimited free-form canvas), Flow (pin-board the structuring of content), Insight (dashboard solution for visualization of data and assets), and Paper (connect real ink on paper in vector format with displays and devices). The company provides a cloud-based platform but can also be used as a local solution and an offline as well as in combination with 3rd party applications for lean planning, designing, and any videoconferencing solutions in the market.
Providing benefits for treasured clients
Stein acclaims, “Clients are able to be more productive and efficient within their teams while using our platform. Our easy-to-use software allows for full participation from remote locations so everyone can contribute regardless of their location.  Clients can get a better overview of projects and information with all artifacts saved in the same digital workspace and with input from third-party applications and data.”
Most collaboration software today is prominently selling hardware. Hoylu is different because their platform is hardware agnostic. They provide multiple solutions to create an innovative technology which can be applied in future, given the rapid changes in the current industry trends.
Forthcoming Intends
We will continue to develop our product portfolio with a strong focus on meeting large enterprise needs and growing our user base. We will continue to champion highly intuitive and innovative software solutions while we work closely with hardware companies to make more surfaces interactive and expand our market reach through a global network of resellers,” asserts Stein.

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