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How your company’s promotional materials can be truly built to last

Promotional Materials

We all know the importance of developing eye-catching and effective promotional materials that will get your business seen and make the right first impression with potential customers.There are many guides to creating good material that makes an impact, using informative and crisp messages, within an easy to read and attractive design. There are two types of buyers in this world. There are logical buyers and there are emotional buyers, and your promotional materials should aim to appeal to both.In a world that is becoming increasingly more digital, it can be easy to overlook the importance of traditional print marketing. This is often, however, still an effective way of reaching your audience, particularly older consumers.
Given the importance of marketing material and its influence on future revenue, it is worth investing extra time and effort into creating the materials that are not only eye-catching and informative but also built to last.
Remember; your marketing materials should fit with your business
marketing materials
It may seem obvious but choosing a marketing approach that is not only long term but fits with your product and business, is a vital first step in promoting your business. Which products will give the most benefit and deliver value? Business cards, flyers, and posters can all attract attention with the right design and placement.
Items such as brochures and catalogues will give more detail about the products or services that you offer. These are a great way of influencing potential customers and growing interest in your products. It’s worth putting effort into these to ensure that their quality and content will give long lasting value.
Choose the best value printing and binding equipment for great, long lasting material
Even the best designs will fail if your production quality falls short. Professional, quality equipment that enables your business to produce the right promotional materials for your needs will make a huge difference to the success of your promotions.
Look to invest in equipment that offers great value for money, like a binding machine from Duplo International, which is high quality and has the flexibility to meet your needs. This will help expand your material, enable you to cater for both high volume and slick tabletop products, and deliver great-looking material that is built to last.
Let people know that your business and products are made of the right stuff
To get long-lasting returns from key promotional materials, think about how to include information that is subject to change. The purpose and benefits of a product may be unlikely to vary but other details, such as price, can change.
One way of handling this is to create inserts that add details that are subject to change. You could also consider including a link to a web page. The quality of the materials, e.g. paper, booklet jacket, and even choice of high strength binding glue such as PUR (which can give you up to 50% stronger bindings) will all help to deliver long lasting value from marketing material.

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