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How to Use Marketing Videos in Your Email Campaign?

Using online video for email Campaign is a method that can help your emails stand out in the inboxes. It is based on HTML5 videos, GIFs, and static images with a play button as a link to a video to boost users’ engagement through emails.

Including one in your email sends, is a sure-fire approach to boost your metrics like increasing email opens, click-throughs, and conversions. It can also catch and maintain your recipients’ attention. There are a few basic steps to guarantee your messages are delivered correctly. Whether you feature your video at the top or scatter it throughout your message, it will have an impact on your email. Thus, there are many websites that can support you to do this, such as Promo’s video maker.
How Does an Online Video Maker Benefit an Email Marketing campaign?
Videos attract a lot of attention. People are more drawn to moving visuals than static visuals. It has been proven that people spend more time reading emails with videos, and they read them more carefully.
On the other hand, videos with meaningful content will have a huge effect on prospect leads. If people find its messages important word of mouth will spread around. In this manner, you may broaden your reach and raise brand recognition.
Thus, online videos have the potential to go viral. A polished, brief, and remarkable video is more likely to get more popular quickly. Of course, an online video must be very good and easy to watch in order to become viral. But this can be done with the correct mentality and a business of motivated professionals. So, make sure the visuals and messages of your videos are put together perfectly. An online video maker can surely help in this case.
Video provides you the highest connection with your target audience. It makes your ideas become much simpler. It also creates a relationship that nurtures long-term commitment with your viewers. In B2B, buyers often want to see new and tempting content. They are more drawn to content that is unique but insightful at the same time. Videos in email can cause some visual impacts that text just cannot. Editing your videos with an online video maker can help you to make full use of this benefit.
A Few Ways That an Online Video Maker can Benefit Video Marketing on Email Campaign: 
Make a video to feature your product
Video email marketing allows you infinite number of ways to offer your products and services. You may create a short film or even a series of short videos clipped from a longer one.
These videos can help to highlight your products’ best features. Pay attention to the lighting, effects, sounds and music of your videos. If you edit your video right, the images of your products will stay with your viewers for a period of time. And they will undoubtedly recall it when they have to make purchasing decisions. An online video maker can offer you tons of video templates and editing tools to perfect your marketing videos.
However, including video in every email is not the greatest practice since readers might become accustomed to it, and the wow factor of video email marketing may fade.
Make instructions that are easy to grasp
The human brain receives visual information quicker than written information. Therefore, a video is an excellent tool for communicating complex objects and processes in a short amount of time. You may use video to explain how a certain software feature works or to persuade viewers to buy a theater ticket by displaying a quick clip.
Increase credibility
A business might show subscribers the production process and introduce them to the individuals that produced it. The viewers will appreciate the behind-the-scenes glimpse. It will help to improve the reputation of businesses and make the audience more open to communication. So, if you are a newbie in the industry, you can try making videos by claiming your credibility to gain client’s trust.
Make your email a more personalized experience
For example, suppose someone views a piece of a movie on your website but does not complete it, and you notice this is a pattern when you study your website data. This implies more clicks for you, a stronger relationship with the consumer, and more views on videos from a business standpoint.
Some Ideas you can also Implement
Place your video below the email copy
Write a few lines to introduce your video, if only because an email without text seems like spam. If the video does not play on their device, the copy can help to convey your message. If your client configuration does not download photos and videos automatically, the copy can be very helpful.
Use animated thumbnails
The video editor will edit animated thumbnails to get even more clicks than photographs, and they are simply using in a video platform. Although not all email clients use them (Outlook 2007, 2010, 2014, and Windows 7 phones only show the first frame), the great majority do.
According to Litmus, in 2018, more than half (57%) of video editors stated they occasionally utilized GIF thumbnails. You may also share about cinematic graphs, which are a tiny variation on a GIF in which only one section of the photos plays in an unending loop. You may regard them as the same thing for the purposes of email marketing.
Film your videos to fit the medium
Before you begin filming your videos, consider where and how they will be seen. For example, in B2B, a big number of videos are still viewed on a desktop computer with huge displays, and low-resolution videos would appear grainy. If you are in B2C, viewers are more likely to be watching on a smartphone, where content on the screen may be difficult to see.
Parting Words on using an Online Video Maker to Improve your Email Marketing
Now it is your turn. Take your time and really optimize your email template. Showing your brand in the best possible light is no easy task. So, make sure to go beyond the call of duty.
Never forget that this email is an entry door to your company, so make it as pretty as you can. Create a video that highlights the stronger point of your services. Good luck!

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