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How to Turn Your Minibus into a Business

Economic uncertainty triggered by COVID-19 has prompted millions to rethink their approach to employment. Specifically, more people are considering going into business for themselves than ever before.
For some, it has been a case of considering the security of their current job; others are simply in need of a secondary revenue stream, having faced significant losses during the pandemic.
In both instances, making a business out of a minibus holds huge potential.  Whether you already own such a vehicle or plan on picking one up, there is so much you can do to transform your minibus into an income-generator.
If short on inspiration, here are just a few popular options for transforming a minibus into a profitable business:
1. Taxi Services
The popularity of ‘alternative’ taxi services like Uber is at an all-time high. What’s great about owning a minibus is how you can charge significantly higher rates, in order to make more money with fewer trips.
The larger the vehicle and the more seats it has, the more you can charge for each ride. Even just a handful of trips per week in your spare time could add up to a generous extra payday each month.
2. Airport Transfers
One of the most lucrative ventures of all is to use your minibus to offer airport transfers. Charging a premium is the norm for airport transfers in general, but can be taken even higher with a spacious minibus.
Private airport transfers are preferred by most as an alternative to extortionate airport parking fees. In addition, demand for these kinds of travel services in general is expected to spike massively in the wake of COVID-19 restrictions; a great time to think about setting up an airport transfer business.
3. Food Van
If you are happy to go about some fairly major modifications, you could convert your minibus into a food van. You can go the whole hog and fit a kitchen into your vehicle, or opt for something simpler like selling sandwiches and other pre-cooked foods.
Initially expected to be little more than a passing fad, the food truck trend has become a permanent fixture on the world’s casual dining scene. Find yourself a regular spot with plenty of foot traffic, or follow the annual festival circuit to keep yourself busy.
4. Rent it out
This can be a fantastic way of generating money, without actually having to do anything at all. A minibus is a highly desirable asset, which is always in high demand for rental purposes. Whether your goal is to hire out a single minibus or gradually build an entire fleet, it is a fool proof formula for making money.
There are so many online portals these days where minibus rental services can be advertised for free. You could also offer your services as a driver if you wish, but this is entirely optional. As most people only need a minibus from time to time, they are far more inclined to rent them than to buy. All of which could play right into your pocket.
5. Delivery Services and Logistics
You could also consider offering your services as a reliable private courier, or a home-based logistics company. Recruitment agencies are always on the lookout for people who own larger vehicles, which can be used to deliver a variety of items and materials at short notice.
This is a particularly useful way of making extra money in your spare time, offering your services as a courier at evenings and weekends. Best of all, the agency you find work through will do most of the hard work on your behalf, finding you jobs and keeping you as busy as you want to be.
6. General Travel and Tourism Services
There is limitless potential for running a successful minibus business if you are lucky enough to live somewhere popular with tourists. Along with private airport transfers as outlined above, you can also offer more general tourism services.
Examples of which includes sightseeing tours, shuttle bus services between popular attractions, transfers from train stations and international coach stations etc. Quite simply, anywhere and everywhere visitors may need a ride to or from something of significance. Advertise your services online, undercut the competition with lower prices and the rest takes care of itself.
7. Special Services for Elderly and Disabled Passengers
There will always be high demand for services that specialise in the safe and comfortable transportations of elderly and disabled passengers.  The exact type of transportations service you provide is up to you. Either way, demonstrating care and understanding for the unique needs of disabled passengers can help you access a potentially huge market.
This could mean making modifications and adjustments to your minibus, but it is a small price to pay to set up and run a successful business.
How to Turn Your Minibus into a Business
There is limitless potential for transforming a minibus into a viable business, generating a generous and consistent revenue stream to boost your income.

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