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How to turn website visitors into sales prospects

Even with the latest digital marketing services and SEO techniques that bring high traffic to your website, visitors may not be buying anything. Having a website and sales funnel strategy that makes your online business profitable by converting as many leads as possible into sales is vital.

According to Forbes, there are plenty of factors to consider if you want to be ahead of your competition—all aim to keep potential clients interested and convince them to purchase products or services from your online business.

15 Hacks on How to Convert Website Traffic Into Leads

Getting traffic to your website without making sales may be frustrating because of the high digital marketing costs, plus the sleepless nights you might spend pondering how to improve the situation. If you’re in this predicament, experts at our San Francisco digital marketing agency bring you these 15 hacks that could turn all the traffic you’re receiving into actual leads and money in the bank:

1. Attract the Right Traffic

It would be best if your website’s traffic comes through search; therefore, audit the SEO methods and keywords available on your websites. The keywords should be unique and specific to the products or services. Correct keywords lead people to your site, and once they realize you offer what they’re looking for, they proceed to buy.

Incorrect keywords often appear on your website but are irrelevant or generalized statements. For example, instead of using a keyword like “tables,” be more specific and say “glass top table” or “1880 granite top antique table.”

2. Keep Your Website Design Simple

Using many colors may make it difficult for your visitors to use your website. One of the objectives of internet marketing is to have an elegant website that’s easy to navigate and understand. A few concepts complementing each other give you a simple but elegant website accessible via different mediums, including PCs and smartphones.

3. Make Your Site Trustworthy

Before making any purchase from a supplier, ensure that the product or service is authentic. Check the approvals. For example, check for the FDA approval logo if you want to sell shaving creams or a face product.

The same applies to internet purchases. Online shoppers only purchase once they’re sure the website is neither a phishing site nor a hoax. Potential clients must first trust your site.

Here are some things that could make your website appear authentic:

  • Secured connection – HTTPS instead of HTTP
  • Modern designs on your site
  • Genuine testimonials
  • Grammatically correct web content
  • Active social media accounts
  • Clear shipping information
  • A return policy

4. Display Testimonials

Client testimonials are an excellent option for converting visits into leads. Visitors are more likely to believe someone else who has used your product or service and is vouching for what you’re offering.

Requesting your clients’ consent to use their testimonials on your website and other digital marketing material is also essential. As the best internet marketing agency in San Francisco may confirm, using testimonials increases your website conversions by a substantial percentage.

5. Optimize Your Sales Funnel

A sales funnel a step-by-step process that involves creating a rapport with your potential clients and winning them over. Bear in mind that the results aren’t instant. It would help if you had the patience to gain your clients’ trust and give them time to acclimate to your products or services before they begin buying.

6. Make Your CTA Buttons Shine

A call-to-action (CTA) button on your website gives your visitor a clear message on purchases, signing up for the mailing list, viewing the products and services offered, etc. You’ll likely turn the visitor into a customer if the CTA is clear and convincing. When used correctly, this is an excellent digital marketing solution with a long-lasting positive impact.

7. Be Strategic With Your CTA Placement

The positioning of your website’s CTAs is essential because some visitors may never even look at your homepage if they click on a link that bypasses it. Place CTA buttons on every page and on different parts of the page to enhance visibility. An online marketing services company could seamlessly help you incorporate your CTA into your website design.

8. Be Generous With Freebies

Describe the extra free things new and existing clients may only find on your website and how valuable they are. Some of the freebies could include:

  • Free or time-oriented trials
  • Free shipping
  • Discounts and coupons
  • Free Consultation
  • Free downloads

9. Gamify Your Visitors’ Experience

People of all ages and different backgrounds enjoy games, especially PC games. You can use some of the most common games, such as spin-and-win games, to give away coupons or discounts. These games keep visitors glued to your website and motivate them to continue reading your web content, which may convert into leads and sales.

10. Product Recommendation Is a Must

A site analysis may help determine the most viewed or purchased products on your website. The research gives you the advantage the best internet marketing agency uses to attract more traffic and sales.

These product images may pop up on your website in any order you choose or as your team recommends. For example:

  • Random products
  • Most viewed
  • Best selling
  • Bought together
  • Recently viewed

11. Use Popups & Slide-ins To Win Leads

When strategically placed, pop-ups and slide-ins serve as excellent digital marketing solutions. Some of the ways you can activate them to achieve your goals include starting them:

  • Some seconds after a visitor loads your page
  • When they begin to scroll down
  • If the visitor tries to leave your website

What makes us the best internet marketing agency is that we can help you implement this strategy on your existing website or create a website for you from scratch.

12. Floating Bars Work Like Magic

Floating bars appear at the bottom or top of the web page. A company that offers digital marketing services may accomplish most of its goals using these bars.

Here are some of the main benefits of floating bars:

  • Capturing your users’ contact information
  • Leading traffic to your specific landing page
  • Generating more leads
  • Passing an announcement, e.g., a new advert

13. Uplevel Your Website Content To Convert Traffic Into Sales

After implementing the above strategies, consider the following tips for converting all the traffic you’ve garnered to sales and eventually significant profits:

  • Prove your business’ credibility
  • Show your prices
  • Solve pain points through your blog
  • Speak to your ideal clientele through your content
  • Give visitors a clear CTA

14. Create a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

Entrepreneurs require a robust digital marketing strategy to increase sales, survive, and thrive in an online business. Digital marketers must create, implement, and manage successful strategies to increase sales through repeat purchases and win new customers for their companies and clients.

15. Test. Test, Test, Test!

Constantly test different aspects of your website, including the landing pages, homepage, blogs, etc. You could use A/B testing for decision-making to enhance your campaigns frequently. The data you’ll get back during A/B tests will help optimize your site for more positive outcomes.


To increase traffic and sales to your website, consider achieving your goals without incurring more digital marketing costs. Our San Francisco digital marketing agency experts are ready to help you implement these hacks and build a profitable online business. Contact us today to learn more.