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How to Surge Forward and Transition into Management

Working in a specialized role is all well and good, but eventually, you’re going to want to either earn more or take a step back away from the front lines. Where do you go from there? Into leadership. Experts are needed in managerial roles so that they can effectively manage teams of people who all do what they used to. If you were an EMT, for example, and want to take a step away from the stress that’s working in emergency settings, you’ll need to redirect your efforts into management. Surging forward in this way can help you enjoy a better work/life balance, a higher salary, and so much more, so get started with these steps.

Find the Right Management Program for Your Field

When it comes to transitioning your career from the frontline worker into management, know that the exact shape of your efforts will depend entirely on your industry. Someone working in marketing should get a different management education than someone in public administration. Though the overall purpose of the role is the same, what’s involved is vastly different.

That’s why someone who works as an EMT or as a firefighter shouldn’t look to any old generic management degree to help push their career forward. Rather, you’d be better off earning a public administration degree online and specializing in the field that’s most relevant to you.

Start to Take on a Leadership Role in Your Current Job

If you want to seamlessly transition into management after or even while you’re studying for your degree, you need to demonstrate your leadership potential now. Ask for more responsibilities at work, start mentoring and helping out your coworkers, and, most of all, make sure that superiors note your efforts. If you do so much, but people are taking it for granted, then you need to reevaluate your approach. Aim to speak up more, talk more assertively, and remember to sum up what you’ve done regularly so that those around you are fully aware of the extra work you’re putting in.

Make Sure Your Superiors Know About Your Ambitions

It’s essential to let your superiors know about your desire to move into management. After all, if they think you’re going above and beyond because you like your job, they may not be interested in promoting you. If you think about it, doing extra work without making it crystal clear that you’re making moves toward a promotion can actually keep you stuck in your current role. You’re giving them everything they want and more, so unless you push the issue, you may find your efforts wasted. Always inform your superiors and even organize a meeting with your supervisor so the two of you can talk about your career and how you can go about pushing forward. Ask for their guidance and support in your journey to management. This conversation will also help you better understand what steps you’ll need to take to get where you want to go.

Be Prepared to Change Workplaces If Internal Promotions Aren’t Coming Your Way

If you do not see opportunities for internal promotions, don’t be afraid to explore other workplaces. Sometimes, the best way to surge forward into management is to seek out new experiences and challenges. Look for companies that align with your career goals and offer opportunities for advancement. Consider taking on contract work or consulting positions to gain experience in a leadership role. There are so many ways forward, and sometimes to get there, you need to make a leap.