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How to Stream Apple Music on Fire TV Stick

Apple Music arrived on the Amazon Fire TV On December 6, 2017, and it’s been a great addition for those who use the streaming device. If you’re not familiar with it, Apple Music is a music streaming service that offers millions of songs, playlists, and radio stations.

The app is uncomplicated to use and has a beautiful interface. It’s also been steadily improving since its launch, with new features being added all the time. The greatest part is that it’s now available on the Fire TV. So you can listen to your favorite music without having to use your phone.

But the main question is, how do you stream Apple Music and other best streaming services in Canada on your Fire TV Stick? Our blog will provide you with the right steps and knowledge so you can access over 45 million songs on-demand quickly and easily. So let’s dive right into it!

What is Fire TV?

A Fire TV Stick is a device that plugs into the HDMI port of your TV. It’s like a tiny computer that runs on the Android operating system. You can use it to watch TV shows, movies, and live sports. Also, you can use it to listen to music, play games, and access other apps.

If you’re particularly familiar with Apple TV or Roku, the Fire Stick is comparable and integrates Amazon web services like Prime Video. The remote also includes Alexa. It allows you to ask the virtual assistant to pause or rewind playback.

How to Set Up a Fire TV Stick?

Setting up Amazon Fire TV Stick is a simple process that can be completed in five minutes. Once your device’s shipped, you will need to locate the five-character activation code included in your shipping confirmation email.

How to Stream Apple Music on Fire TV Stick

Once you have located the code, go to and sign in to your Amazon account.

If you do not have an Amazon account, you can create one for free by clicking on the “Create an Account” at the top of the page. Once you are signed in, follow the steps:

  • Plug the Fire TV Stick into the HDMI port on your TV.
  • Plug the power cord into the Fire TV Stick and plug it into an outlet.
  • Wait for the Fire TV Stick to start up. It will take a few minutes.
  • Connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Follow the instructions to finish the setup.

What is Apple Music?

Apple Music is a streaming service developed by Apple Inc. It was announced on June 8, 2015, and launched on June 30, 2015, as part of iOS 8.4. Apple Music allows users to access their purchased music library, stream music from various Internet radio stations, and listen to exclusive content.

Apple Music heavily competes with Spotify. It also provides music, radio, and video content from record labels, including Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group. It also offers its users a 24/7 global radio station called Beats 1.

How Much Does it Cost?

Apple Music is free to use for the first three months when you sign up for the free trial. After that, three plans are available, with a fourth plan on the way.

  • Individual plans cost £9.99 (US$9.99) per month.
  • A Family plan is suitable for up to six people and costs £14.99 or $14.99 per month. This plan is less than Spotify’s equivalent.
  • The University Student plan costs £4.99/$4.99 per month, which is the third option.
  • There is a Voice plan that costs £4.99/$4.99 per month. This allows you to access Apple Music via voice and Siri on your devices.

How to Stream Apple Music on Fire TV Stick?

Apple Music is an amazing choice for people who want to listen to music online. But, if you want to listen to Apple Music on your Fire TV Stick, you need to set it up properly.

But since there is no Apple Music app for Amazon’s Fire TV, you cannot stream Apple Music directly from the Fire Stick.

Even so, Alexa has an Apple Music skill. It can stream music from services like Apple Music and Amazon Music to a variety of devices, including Fire TV devices.

So for that, you will first need to enable Apple Music on the Alexa app. Now, follow the mentioned steps below:

  • Open the Alexa app on the phone and tap into “More” then “Skills and Games.”
  • After opening, search for “Apple Music” in the search bar and enable it.
  • Once you’ve enabled the app, the next step is to link the accounts.
  • This will direct you to a browser where you will have to log in to your Apple ID.
  • Obtain the two-factor code and enter it.
  • Now you can use the Alexa device to play Apple Music!

Now, you’re ready to listen to Apple Music on your Fire Stick. This is after you’ve enabled the Apple Music skill in the Alexa app on your phone/tablet and linked your Apple Music account. But to play Apple Music on Fire TV, follow the next steps:

  • Check that your Fire Stick is turned on and properly connected to your TV.
  • On your Fire TV remote, press and hold the Microphone button.
  • You can also replace your remote with the Fire TV app.
  • Say, “Alexa, play Apple Music.”
  • Now, Apple Music will begin playing on your Fire Stick.

Tips for Streaming Apple Music on Fire TV Stick

How to Stream Apple Music on Fire TV Stick

Apple Music is an amazing streaming service, but it’s not always easy to get it working on devices that aren’t officially supported.

The Fire TV Stick is a great example of this. Apple Music isn’t available as an app on the platform, so you have to use a workaround to get it up and running.

Here are a few tips for streaming Apple Music on your Fire TV Stick:

  • Unless no song, artist, or genre is specified, it will play random music based on your Apple Music activity.
  • You can use commands like “Alexa, play (Artist’s name) radio on Apple Music” to listen to random songs. Or “Alexa, play (genre) on Apple Music” to listen to music in a specific genre and other similar ones.
  • When you’re completed, use your Fire TV remote to pause, play, or return to the Fire TV home menu.
  • If you ask Alexa to play an Apple Music playlist or radio station, you can skip songs or return to the previous song by using the forward and back buttons.
  • Make sure that both your Fire TV Stick and your Apple device are updated to their latest software versions.

That’s a Wrap!

The Fire TV Stick is the perfect way to watch content from streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime on your TV.

Yet, you may also want to use Apple Music on your Fire TV Stick. Apple Music is a great way to listen to music, and it has a large library of songs.

Using Apple Music on the Fire TV Stick is a little bit different from using it on other devices. In this article, we provided you with the process of using Apple Music on the Fire TV Stick.

Thus, happy streaming!