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How to Stimulate Your Business Effectively Using Social Media

If your business is developing exponentially and you have a huge number of regular customers, as well as a constant influx of new ones, all that remains for us is to congratulate your company. However, why don’t you take your relationships with customers to the next level and use one more modern way of building trust and loyalty? Yes, we are talking about social networks, and in this article we share not hackneyed methods on how to stimulate your business even more, using social media.

Start from Choosing the Right Platform
Perhaps, this is the most important task. If you choose a platform that cannot allow you to implement your strategy, and which is not used by the target audience, reading this article further does not make sense to you.
You know your customers like no one else, and only you can make the right decision. Here are some tips:

  •  Instagram is used by the younger generation and it is great if you plan to create a lot of attractive graphics.
  • Snapchat has a good response among teenagers, but it also has its own pitfall – you will have to communicate not only with them but also find approaches to their parents since the decision about the purchase will be made by them.
  • Facebook is almost perfect for any purpose – it is used by almost the whole world. Plus, it provides good opportunities for segmentation of target audiences, so the probability of launching an advertising campaign for people, who will not be interested in your product or service, will tend to zero.
  • LinkedIn is great for promoting the B2B business. This is a direct way to find the right business community and make yourself known in it.

Ask for Help from an Influencer
People almost stopped believing in annoying radio ads and learned to turn off the ability to see when a street banner appears before their eyes. Instead, they began to trust each other and ask for the views of a real person before making a final decision. This has led to the trend that some social media users have a huge impact on their target audiences. They talk about how you need to live and how you do not need, what kind of relationship it is worth starting, what products to buy and what services to use. Take advantage of their influence. Your task is to find such a person and convince that your product or service is ideal for his or her subscribers and that it is absolutely safe (and profitable) to make a recommendation in your favor. Of course, this is not a free service, but here the principle of social proof applies, which is now very effective.
Stimulate Users to Create Content Themselves
User-generated content is a trend and one more social proof that your product or service is worth it to buy and use. According to the study, 90% of users decide to purchase based on content from social networks. 55% of consumers are guided by the opinions of other people (relatives and friends, influencers, celebrities), making a purchase decision. Whereas information from brands affects only 21% of the audience.
Your task is to stimulate users to create such content that all subsequent subscribers will believe. Ask your customers to do something simple and exciting, and then talk about it with reference to the brand. Most often, for a little activity, the brand gives a pleasant trifle – a personal discount, a commemorative prize or a mention on the official page. The range of topics and approaches for such activations are limited only by imagination.
For users to share experiences interacting with your brand, they must have motivation – financial, reputational, or be creative. The brand’s task is to create this motivation or tell the consumer what it can be.
If the brand is small, and the audience is not creative and partly passive, it is best to attract users with prizes or give them some kind of fan. If it is prestigious and in its own status to enter the world of the brand, it will be enough to offer users a tool that will link their content to the brand – a hashtag or a page for downloading content. The simplest example is Apple’s initiative with photos taken with an iPhone.
Create Content in Several Languages
It would seem such simple advice, but not every company puts it into practice. Use this competitive advantage. Users want brands to speak the same language as them, both literally and figuratively. If your business solves a problem that is relevant for people from different countries and language groups, tell them about it in their native language. Create an additional profile of your company, localize and adapt your content using a special service like The Word Point, for example, and you will get a new influx of target customers. This may be the first and successful step towards the development of foreign markets and building a global brand.
Come up with a Branded Hashtag
Suitable hashtags are a great way to segment content and allow users to find you on their own. The most important rule is that your hashtags should reflect the essence of your business and contain the brand name. In practice, the use of hashtags is a whole strategy that deserves at least a few articles.
As for this material, we have already talked about ways to attract content from users, and here’s another tip for you – come up with unique hashtags for each of these initiatives, as well as come up with your own universal branded hashtag to start building strong associations.
Launch a Challenge
Competitions and giveaways are great and working ideas, but there is one more approach. Consider running a marathon. For example, if you are selling organic food, you can run a marathon to reduce weight and build good habits. Needless to say, the idea of such a marathon has a direct relationship with the products you sell and great potential not only to increase the number of subscribers but also to increase the level of sales. And by the way, think about User-generated content which can become part of your marathon as well.
William Rodgers | Author William Rodgers is a freelance writer and blogger. As he speaks several foreign languages, William’s main focus is writing SEO articles for businesses which want to drive their brand in the international market. His goal is to continually help more marketers fill Google search results with content that really matters Feel free to contact him here

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