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How to Stay Safe if You Have to Travel for Business

With the UK entering a second lockdown, travel is off the cards for the majority of the population. However, if you have to travel for work it’s important to be as safe as possible. It’s also important to book your business accommodation as early as possible. By following a few simple steps your business trip can be stress-free and you can protect yourself, and those around you.

Plan a Schedule

When taking public transport, try to travel at off-peak times if possible. This way you’ll encounter less people and it will be easier for you to maintain social distancing. You could also explore alternative routes. They may take longer, but there’ll be fewer people on board. If you adjust your travel times accordingly you can create a safer journey for yourself. So it’s important you know your timings in advance, say if you’re taking the Doncaster to London train, you need to figure out which journey will work best for you.

Wear a Mask

Wearing a mask is compulsory on public transport. You need to be wearing one for the duration of your journey. Make sure you wear your mask properly, it should cover your mouth and your nose. This is because the virus can be spread from coughing, sneezing and even speaking. If you wear your mask incorrectly it won’t work effectively. Wearing a mask isn’t just about protecting yourself, but also others around you.

Food Options

When you normally travel for work your go-to might be to grab a sandwich in the train station or perhaps pop into a restaurant. Now in the new lockdown, you might have to rethink. You could pack your own food, as this cuts down the risk of interacting with others and saves you having to find a place that’s serving takeout. However, this doesn’t mean takeout is off the cards. There’s plenty of restaurants offering it during these times. You don’t have to cook, and you’re helping local businesses.

Wash Your Hands

Another important thing to remember is washing your hands. Gloves aren’t effective as you think because as soon as you touch one surface they’re dirty. It’s recommended to carry some hand sinister with you and wash your hands when you can.Don’t be afraid of using a public washroom.
If you are showing any signs or symptoms you shouldn’t be travelling. It is a difficult time for everyone right now, and we all need to play our part to keep one another safe. How do you feel about travelling for business during this time?