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How to Safely Increase Likes on Facebook?

The Importance of Likes on Facebook

When it comes to social media, how many likes you have is an easy and important marker. As a business, it is clear feedback about how many people find value in your service for other people, it can determine whether they click on a link from their Facebook news feed or not.

You can spend a lot of time figuring out how to activate Facebook’s algorithm by increasing your Facebook presence and creating interesting content. You can also couple this with the ability to buy Facebook likes on your account. A mixture of the two is usually the optimal way forward.

Who Uses Facebook?

Out of all the social media platforms, Facebook reigns supreme. Back in 2021, Facebook rebranded itself under the parent company Meta, which also owns Instagram. Since then, it has worked hard to secure its global reach.

There are over 3 billion Facebook accounts around the world, which is almost half the global population. While India leads the charge with the most accounts per country, the United States is second as it has over 190 million accounts. Clearly, the global reach of the Facebook brand is unparalleled.

Is Facebook Good For Promoting Your Business?

Facebook is one of the best tools for social media marketing. It has an easy, browser-supported interface that allows you to organize your Facebook content and instantly see analytics to help you understand which of your Facebook posts are working the best.

You can have both personal accounts and business pages on Facebook, which is perfect if you want to keep your personal and professional life separate.

How to Get More Facebook Likes

Unfortunately, there is no secret formula to ensure your posts appear on the Facebook feed of all your followers. Moreover, there is no one way to ensure that Facebook’s algorithm likes what you are doing and thus promotes you to other accounts.

No, like all other social media platforms, you can only try your best and learn from what works with other people. Facebook likes will always be important, however, so there are some easy and specific methods to grow your account.

Here are some tried and true ways to increase the number of likes on your Facebook account.

Spend A Little Time on Your Profile

Social media is a very visual format. While your content is important, how it looks is equally so. When you set up your Facebook profile, be sure to make it attractive so that other users will want to follow your page. For a business page, make sure it is professional but also interesting.

Cover Photo

Facebook has space for both a cover photo and a profile picture. Your cover photo should be your brand logo or slogan. It should be simple and eye-catching.

Profile Picture

As for your profile picture, this can be a logo, a picture of you as the business founder, or an image that relates to what you are selling.

You can periodically change these images but don’t do so too often. Brand recognition is key and Facebook users want the security in knowing what they are clicking on.

Cross-platform promotions

A major advantage of Facebook is that when you post something on their social media platform, you also have the option to post on Instagram. Cross-promotion is essential to getting more engagement.

You can create one post but share it on two different platforms, increasing your social media presence and attracting more viewers.

Understand The Target Audience of Your Facebook Page

As part of launching a new business or brand, you should have done a bit of market research to determine just who your potential customers will be. Be sure to use this research to help attract more Facebook likes.

Know what interests your audience has and post memes or share articles that will appeal to them. Yes, you want your Facebook posts to promote your business, but potential customers want to see value in your content when it shows up in their news feeds.

Join Facebook Groups

One advantage of Facebook is that it is designed to be a social network. This means that you can easily find a Facebook group around your skillset or interest. Find groups that can work with your business’s interest. Then, share your content within this group.

The point is not to force people to buy from you. Rather, the point is to get them to like your Facebook post and share your content with other people in their network. It’s an indirect way of marketing and does take a bit of time, but it can pay off in the long run.

Increase your Facebook Post Frequency 

Once you get started, it is imperative that you maintain your Facebook presence. Just because you create something, doesn’t mean that people will automatically find it.

Remember that there are billions of profiles out there, so you need to stay up to date and post consistently.

Facebook business pages have a calendar you can use to schedule your posts. You can also use this to post to your Instagram account. The calendar allows you to post content up to a month in advance, which will help you streamline your operation and give you more downtime in between.

Being able to schedule posts means you can devote just one or two days out of your busy schedule to focus on your social media network, instead of agonizing over it every day. It will save you stress and make your business that much stronger.

Use Facebook Analytics

Always check for user engagement after you create a post. This will tell you how many people liked your post, shared your post, and clicked on any links.

Other analytics features include the best time to create a Facebook post. Be sure to use this information as it lets you know what time your followers are most likely to be online. Then, when you post content, it will show up on their feed right away.

Vary Your Facebook Posts

It can be quite easy to create only one type of content. What’s familiar is easy, and if you are busy, it’s natural to take this route. However, when posting content, try to mix things up.

To get more likes on Facebook, try to post a mixture of content. Funny memes are easy to copy and paste and are an easy way to get more likes on Facebook.

However, these won’t generate any revenue. Try to include links to articles. If you write a blog post or find one that another person has written that is interesting, be sure to post this. The diverse content will peak users’ interest and will make you seem like an expert on a topic.

Once you become more familiar with your Facebook page, have some fun with it. Contests and giveaways are an easy way to attract more likes on Facebook. You can team up with other local businesses and the cross-promotion will attract more people.

Ask for Likes on Facebook

Yes, you can ask for someone to like your Facebook page and as long as you do it strategically, it won’t come off as seeming desperate.

To begin with, when you hold a Facebook contest, specify that one of the requirements to win is if the person likes and follows your page. If you team up with another business, then make sure you both get those likes.

Another approach is if you are nearing a significant milestone, such as 1,000 followers. Once you get near, write a post announcing the feat. Then, ask your current followers to like and share the post in the hopes that it will attract new followers.

Even though social media can seem like a negative place, the majority of people want to see success. If you ask for help, they will heed the call to action.

Use all the Facebook Tools

Facebook used to just be a place where you can say what you are doing or what you are thinking. Now, there are more tools and formats than ever, and it can get a little confusing.

Since 2021, Facebook reels have been a new feature. These are short, vertical videos that last up to 90 seconds. You can either make a video or slice together pictures and pair them with music.

Facebook stories are another tool you can use. Again, you can make this one post or a series of images. It’s important to note that stories only last for 24 hours. They are best used for fun information.

Spend Money

While all of these ideas are useful and you should follow a combination of them, there are a few shortcuts you can take to get more likes on Facebook. If you have the budget, you might want to consider spending a bit of money to get a larger return.

Buy Facebook Ads

There are plenty of ways to fit Facebook marketing into your budget. Facebook makes a lot of money from selling ad space and if you do it right, they can be quite productive.

You can either promote your entire Facebook page or you can select a Facebook post to promote. Then, your budget will determine how many people Facebook shares this post to.

The biggest issue with Facebook ads is that there is no guarantee they will translate to an increase in likes or followers. You’re just hoping that the people who see your content will stop and consider it interesting. It is still up to you to create engaging content.

Buy Facebook Likes

A more straightforward way of spending money is to purchase actual Facebook likes. There is some risk to this path but if you do your research, it can pay great dividends.

The company you use to buy Facebook likes should have a good reputation. It should also have clear guidelines about any money-back guarantees or customer satisfaction.

Lastly, and most importantly, if you use a company to buy Facebook likes, it needs to use real people. Any use of bots or fake accounts will result in your account being suspended.

Social media accounts that use AI or fake accounts tamper with the integral structure of their purpose and there is a major crackdown to prevent this from happening.


Want more people to like your Facebook page? Make sure it is interesting. The more engaging your content is, the more likely somebody will stop to read what you have posted, like the content, and share it with other people. Your Facebook profile should be simple but informative.

You can also learn a lot of useful information on how to increase your social media presence on this Twitter page. You should use all the content options available to you and post regularly. If you’re struggling to get all the Facebook likes you want, don’t be afraid to spend a bit of money to see results.