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How to Recognize Legitimate Direct Sales Companies

The direct sales world is in constant flux. To compete, you must be flexible, embrace innovation, and have a game plan. But more important than call sheets and a deep rolodex—you need to partner with a dynamic and responsive company like USANA Health Sciences.

Direct sales is a retail model where goods and services are distributed person-to-person. There are no brick-and-mortar stores, expensive leases, costly insurance fees, and the hundred other headaches traditional businesses are drowning in. Direct sales gives each entrepreneur the opportunity to own their business the way they want. Success is based upon effort and rewards individuals who put in the work, plan for success and accomplish their goals.

With over 30 years of experience, USANA provides the tools to help their sales associates find success. As a nutritional lifestyle company, USANA provides world-class nutritional supplements, high-quality skincare products, and incredible growth opportunities.

Learn how USANA avoids common pitfalls other direct sales companies stumble into.

Failure to Plan

Motivation and success are closely intertwined. You need to be motivated to reach success, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, how can you get started? The first challenge new direct sellers face is planning. They have the passion and desire to run their own business, but it can be difficult to determine the first step.

As you research companies like USANA, check out their resources to support your first days with the company. From day one, USANA mentors new entrepreneurs as they get started. From ordering products to tracking sales to tools to approach new customers, USANA is there every step of the way to give their distributors the confidence to plan their success.

With a solid plan and clear, achievable goals, you’ll know what it takes to make your first sale—and collect your first commission check!

Lack of Time

One benefit of direct sales is you work when you want. The goal should be to put more life in your life. The best way to find the necessary time to build a successful direct sales company is by prioritizing. Take stock of the things you value: family, friends, working out, faith-based activities, volunteering, etc. You don’t want to waste time saying “yes” to the second-best things while missing all that’s important to you.

Know what you want and when you’re going to get it. Set clear boundaries with your business and schedule set times to research the products, approach new potential customers, and master proven direct sales techniques. People of all personalities can develop the skill set to be successful leaders if they dedicate themselves to daily improvement. Know when you can develop, learn, and practice your skills as you balance your time with the activities you love, and you’ll find success.

Customer Retention

It’s easy to make one sale—but it’s challenging to build a relationship with a lifelong customer.

Direct sales is predicated on the principle of sharing products, providing personal testimony, and answering problems with solutions customers can’t find anywhere else. USANA sells quality nutritional supplements, many of which are not available in retail stores. You have the opportunity to turn curiosity into commitment by engaging people you know and offering excellent customer service as they shop USANA.

When you partner with USANA, you offer unique and cutting-edge products your customers can’t find anywhere else. And when you build a relationship based on trust, you can keep your customers for years to come.

Confusing Compensation Plans

Let’s be honest—people get into direct sales to earn a check. The size of the check depends on your effort, but the money earned is yours. Too often, direct sales companies get dinged by popular opinion because the compensation plan seems sketchy or non-existent.

USANA is a great example of a company whose compensation plan is above board. Spelled out in black and white, you know exactly what you’ll earn from each of your sales. Plus, USANA goes above and beyond with incentive trips for sales leaders and special recognition at company conventions.

When looking to participate with a direct sales company, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. You don’t want to do the work and not get compensated for your efforts, and USANA will be beside you every step of the way to help you understand how to succeed and get paid.

Dated Software

Nobody wants to be fooled by smoke and mirrors, but some companies just don’t pass the eye test—especially with their digital marketing.

The real canary in the coal mine for direct sales companies is dated websites, poor customer service, and a lack of digital assets. You live and die by your smartphone, so make sure your direct sales company provides the level of service you expect from your ride-share app.

USANA has a dynamic capacity to drive your business, help track sales, enroll new customers, and share links to your favorite products. At your fingertips, you’ll have the resources you need to connect and retain customers. In addition, USANA’s social media presence is second to none, helping you connect with people who share your passion for direct sales and living a healthy lifestyle.

No Innovation

Finally, the biggest red flag in direct sales is companies that do not reinvest in themselves. Longevity doesn’t mean anything if you’re not already considering and meeting the challenges of tomorrow. Throughout USANA’s 30 years, they have dedicated time, money, and resources to developing the future of nutritional supplementation. With technologies like InCelligence, ingredients like Olivol, and award-winning products like Procosa and CellSentials, USANA has revolutionized nutritional science.

The results speak for themselves. With a trophy case bursting with recognition, awards, and hundreds of articles published in scientific publications, USANA has three decades of innovation to back its products and separate them from the competition. Because they set the standard for the future of supplementation, you can participate with confidence.

Take the Next Step

Direct sales is an excellent opportunity for self-starters looking to run their own business. If you’re eager for a chance to become an entrepreneur and own your own business, consider partnering with USANA Health Sciences. The onboarding process, innovations in technology and products, world-class supplements, and easy-to-download sales tools give you everything you need to find success.