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How to Make Your Business Card Stand Out

When a business card stands out, people remember the marketing slogan and key details about a company. There are key strategies that designers use to make business cards attractive and appealing, and you’ll learn some of the best tactics is this design guide.

Business Card Concepts

A start-up business and an established company need a different type of card. On a start-up business card, there should be vital information that creates trust since the company is new. There is a simple way to make a message stand out to gain trust; use a bold font that pops on a business card. Typically, anything that highlights credibility should be bold, and everything else on the card can be printed using a standard font. Established businesses can make their cards stand out by incorporating achievements, such as

  • Past awards
  • Licenses
  • Certifications

A business card that shows you are a professional is a key to gathering business contacts. That’s why you should trust your business card to a reliable company that provides a high-quality business card printing service.

Logo Ideas

The logo is usually the first thing that people see when they look at a business card, and it’s the main graphic that they remember. If you place a memorable logo on your card, the process of branding your business will be easy.
There are two spots where a logo works well on a business card. If you’re going to put large clip art on your card, print it in the center. A text-based logo looks great in the upper left counter of a business card. This type of logo stands out more when it has some sort of graphic stamped in the background.


Colors play a key role in business cards, so if you pick the wrong shades, your cards will be bland. Contrast makes cards pop dramatically; you can add it by incorporating colors that complement one another. The most common color combinations are

  • Green and white
  • White and red
  • White and blue
  • Black and white


Plastic is one of the best materials for business cards because its stylish and inexpensive. If you design a large batch of plastic business cards, you’ll gain the following advantages:

  • Professional qualities: A professional business card has qualities that influences people to read very message and statement. Plastic has these qualities along with sleek touches that are commonly found on fancy credit cards.
  • Durability: After you hand out regular business cards, they will help promote your business. However, if your prospects don’t protect these cards, text and images will fade, and the material may tear or crumble. Plastic cards never experience these problems because they’re solid, strong, and durable.
  • Consumer appreciation: When consumers get an item that appears valuable, they will keep it longer. Plastic business cards look valuable and important because their coating shines in the light, and they always stand out next to traditional business cards and credit cards inside a wallet.

Format Suggestions for General Fields

Every business card format serves one purpose, which is to capture a prospect’s attention. If you pick a layout that suits your field, you’ll gain more opportunities to network with people. These formatting styles are used by many designers:

  • Real estate cards: A real estate card shouldn’t have design elements that can overwhelm someone who is trying to buy a home since property ownership is a big step. The layout on this type of card should neatly incorporate a real agent’s image and contact information.
  • Childcare cards: Childcare cards are quite noticeable when they have soft tones. If you keep the layout clean, these cards will make a big impression.
  • Barber cards: Because hair care is a bold business, all cards for this field need warm colors. The background is a great place to stamp a transparent image of a comb and trimmer.
  • Caterer cards: An image of food must be the focal point of caterer cards. The layout needs to be clean, and it shouldn’t have anything that’s overwhelming.
  • Restaurant cards: Business cards for a restaurant stand out when they have unique details. For example, if you put a small map on each card that highlights your restaurant location, you’ll get more reservations.

After you have hundreds of standout business cards, you can begin the branding process. The quickest way to build a brand is by handing out cards to everyone who attends promotional events.

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