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How to Make the Most of Casino Bonuses

Every single casino site that you ever visit will throw a lot of information at you right from the start, and almost all of it is about the bonuses they offer. You’re likely to see dozens of promotions and offers, which can all look very different, and working out which one works best for you can be quite a challenge.

This guide will break down all the main categories of bonuses you may receive and how you can see which ones fit the way you play best.

What Are the Main Categories of Promotions?
There are three main categories of offers and promotions to consider: welcome offers, ongoing offers, and special events. A welcome offer is generally a one-time bonus given to new players when they first make a deposit, whereas ongoing promotions apply to all players all the time, much like Paddy Power’s daily free spins on their Wonder Wheel game which is open to any play which has made a deposit before.

Special events are also open to all players. However, they usually apply over a short time period, like a week or two. Below there is more information on each of these types to make the difference clear and go into the details.

Types of Welcome and Ongoing Bonuses
There are a few different ways you’ll see welcome bonuses appear. The most common would be a number of free spins on either a specific game or group of games, which is usually paired up with a deposit bonus that adds a one-time extra amount to your first deposit.

Another common bonus would be a cashback bonus, which works much in the same way as in online stores. The exact percentage varies from site to site, but something around the 10% mark is standard.

Ongoing bonuses look much the same as welcome bonuses, although you’re unlikely to see a deposit bonus in them. Free spins are by far the most common, usually on a daily or weekly basis if you make a wager on a casino or slot game, and cashback can also appear.

As these usually cost nothing extra to join, they’re always worth having a go on as there’s nothing to lose on them.

Types of Special Events
It’s much harder to give exact types of events in casinos as each site can change a lot of things up, and the prizes up for grabs can range from huge cash payouts to luxury cars or even holidays.

How to Make the Most of Casino Bonuses

In a very general sense, though, there are a couple of concepts to look for. These types would either count all winnings over a certain time period or the biggest win relative to the bet placed in that period.

For the latter, it would be better to place a 0.10 credit bet and win one credit than place a 100 credit bet and win 200, as it’s a 1000% win against a 200% win. Like with the ongoing bonuses, you’ll usually be a part of events just by playing normally, so they could be worth a go.

The key takeaways from everything? Do your research on welcome bonuses for sure, but once you’re in, enjoy bonuses for what they are!

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