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How to Increase YouTube Views?

Do you want more views on YouTube? Well, of course, you do. Or why else would you be reading this article? The online world is increasingly becoming more video-oriented. YouTube is at the center of this new revolution.

Today, YouTube is the ultimate place for all digital marketers. Unfortunately, sometimes you can create a really nice high-quality video and get fewer views than you’d initially expected. So, what did you do wrong? Is there anything you can do to boost your views?

That leads us to the main reason for this article: how to increase YouTube videos. More views directly translate to an increase in your income from YouTube. That said, let’s get started, shall we?

9 Proven Ways to Increase YouTube Views

Here are nine proven ways you can use to increase your watch time and hit your target views.

1) Utilize YouTube SEO

YouTube’s SEO is one of the most important ways to boost your views. Like any other search engine, the YouTube algorithm prioritizes optimized videos. That means your content will be presented to the right audience at the right time.

The bottom line is that YouTube SEO will directly impact your video’s visibility and watch time. To get a handle on your SEO, start by researching your target keywords and niche. Next, add these keywords to your YouTube video titles, tags, and descriptions.

That will help in optimizing your videos for search engines. The goal here is to ensure your target audience gets to see at least the thumbnails and titles of your videos while utilizing YouTube’s SEO to your advantage.

2) Create High-Quality Content

Getting more views on YouTube boils down to the quality of your content. It won’t matter how many tips or hacks you put into place if the quality really isn’t that great. So, how do you create high-quality content?

Start by understanding your target audience’s interests and needs. Then, take your time to create content that resonates with their wants. Additionally, ensure your content is visually captivating and provides information that’s useful to your target audience.

Invest in video production equipment such as cameras, microphones, and good lighting. That should put you at par with most, if not all, of your industry competitors.

3) Regular Video Schedule

How to Increase YouTube Views?

Regular posting of video content will keep your audience entertained, and YouTube will ensure your content appears on search results. That’s because YouTube’s system is designed to reward hard-working content creators. And how do you think they know that?

Simple! Creators who constantly produce engaging content will rank highly on the search engines. That means more people will start watching your videos, boosting your watch time and overall YouTube channel growth.

4) Buy YouTube Views

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That said, if you really want to boost your views and improve your chances of becoming a YouTube success story, you can easily purchase their budget-friendly package. That should give you an upper hand against your competitors.

5) Customize Your Thumbnails

Your video’s thumbnail is like your storefront. YouTube users will click to watch your videos depending on how catchy and attractive your thumbnail is. Aside from creating engaging video content, you must be good at designing catchy thumbnails.

Don’t use the auto-generated images offered by YouTube. Instead, design and upload your own thumbnail image that will likely attract users to your channel. A practical and catchy image can help your video content stand out.

6) Add TimeStamps

Even though adding timestamps is a relatively new feature on YouTube, it could help optimize your videos. Timestamps directly represent your video’s content, helping users know what to expect at specific points.

That said, timestamps can help users skip to the interesting bits of your channel whenever necessary. What’s more, YouTube’s algorithm, though not officially mentioned, seems to prioritize videos with timestamps. Why? Well, these videos are likely to get more engagement and views than the rest.

So, if you want to rank high on YouTube’s search results, ensure all your uploaded videos include timestamps, especially if you are crafting long videos.

7) Cross-Promote Your Videos

This is the most underrated tip that could increase your YouTube video views in a matter of minutes. Cross-promoting your YouTube videos on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter drives your existing traffic directly to your channel.

In most cases, when you promote your video on Instagram, some of your curious and loyal fans will want to support your efforts. That leads to more views on YouTube and increases your chances of ranking even higher on this platform.

Share behind-the-scenes videos on other platforms to create excitement. And when you finally upload the finished product, you can share a link on social media to help boost your engagement and promote your YouTube videos.

8) Collaboration with Influencers

How to Increase YouTube Views?

Even the top YouTubers often collaborate with other content creators to boost engagement. So, why aren’t you using this technique to increase your views? Collaborating with other creators will help you grow as a brand and also learn new tricks in the game.

That’s because most influencers tend to share their hacks and how they grew their channels. You can learn a thing or two on how to tap into your target audience and increase your views.

9) Invest in YouTube Ads

Finally, if you’ve implemented all the above tips, you can now consider trying out YouTube Ads. Running a paid advertising campaign can pique the interest of your target audience, prompting them to visit your YouTube channel.

You can use this technique to reach a wider audience and draw them to your channel. Granted, it might cost you, but it’s all worth it. Moreover, YouTube provides insights for budgeting, targeting your ideal audience, and measuring the performance of the ads.

When creating the ideal ad, ensure you have included a call-to-action. That should give your audience the nudge to finally check out your channel.


Learning how to increase views on YouTube is always a challenge to most beginners. But once you get a hang of it, your views will blow up in a few days. These tips should help you get a head start as you embark on your journey to becoming a successful YouTuber.