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ROB BROUWER | CEO | Jobrapido

How to improve your Talent Acquisition Strategy?

Written by ROB BROUWER, CEO, Jobrapido

Top 3 Tips to Improve Your Talent Acquisition Strategy for the Rest of 2023

For 2023, HR and employers are still struggling to attract top talent, and the talent shortage remains the number one challenge recruiters face. Rob shared with us his views on the top 3 trends for the rest of 2023 to better address the challenges and opportunities of the recruitment industry today.

1: Personalization and Relevance as the Fundamentals

Online shopping is disrupting the way people find jobs, and its exceptional user experience and personalization drive the consumer online. The e-commerce model of personalization – finetuning the retail proposition for each of their customers’ preferences – is something that will have to take center stage for recruiters too. Personalization needs to be an inherent part of the talent acquisition strategy because candidates don’t want to receive generic ‘roundrobin’ pieces of communication. They need to feel that a recruiter or potential employer ‘knows and understands them’.

2: AI and Data Are the Keys

Huge advancements in technology mean HRs can now gain many more valuable insights into job seekers. Data can tell recruiters how candidates behave online. Automation of data provides a tailored and relevant experience; rich data profiling allows recruiters to go beyond the CV and Intent Data, answering what candidates are likely to respond positively to. Data can provide far more accurate matches than ever before and has a direct influence on the quality of the response. With a very targeted audience, this approach delivers fast on the promise of qualified candidates.

3: Programmatic Marketing and Integrated Recruitment Campaigns Are Facilitating the Career Match

With the old-school approach of ‘Post and Pray,’ there are simply no guarantees for the ‘match’. There has already been a big shift to Programmatic Recruitment, which is the automation of the use of data to provide relevance to both candidates and recruiters and which entails integrated campaigns. The campaigns deliver automated matching in realtime: instead of “Pay per clicks,” it’s about Pay per performance/Pay per applicant, and instead of mass marketing, the communication is personalized. This is what is driving meaningful and valuable talent acquisition campaigns.

In conclusion, it is now crucial for all industry players to support and help recruiters overcome their daily challenges by making the most advanced resources and technologies in the market easily accessible to them. In this way, they can optimize their time and budget resources and find the qualified candidates they need.

Author’s Bio

Rob Brouwer is the CEO of Jobrapido and a renowned business executive with more than 25 years of experience working in management and leadership positions in the recruitment industry. Since joining Jobrapido in 2014 as CEO, he has ensured that the platform fills a vital gap in the talent acquisition industry for both candidates and recruiters.

Rob Brouwer’s innovative approach and strategic vision have played a vital role in expanding Jobrapido’s global footprint. Under Rob’s leadership, the company experienced exponential growth and emerged as one of the most influential platforms worldwide, becoming a trusted partner for both job seekers and employers. His dedication to innovation and his understanding of the evolving job market have solidified Jobrapido’s position as a leading player in the industry.

The platform connects millions of job seekers across 58 countries with relevant employment opportunities by aggregating job listings from various sources across the web. One of the key aspects that sets Jobrapido apart is its advanced AI technology and algorithms, which provide users with highly targeted and personalized job recommendations. This intelligent matching system helps job seekers discover opportunities that align with their skills, experience, and preferences, making the job search process more efficient and effective. It also supports those who offer jobs in finding the right qualified candidate for the role, facilitating successful career matches.

Overall, Rob Brouwer’s contribution to Jobrapido exemplifies his innovative spirit and commitment to revolutionizing the job search experience, ultimately helping individuals worldwide find meaningful employment opportunities, and employers find the candidates they need.