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Created by a renowned tech giant named Microsoft, the .Net technology enables easy and seamless development of web and desktop applications

How to Hire Right .NET Developers for Your Project?

Not keeping up with the current digital transformation, businesses might someday go extinct, just like dinosaurs. At present, technology has invaded our lives to a great extent; now two ways about it! In fact, not just businesses but we as individuals do understand the significance of having a good online presence. Gone are the days when people looked out for the cheapest products. Today, it’s not just about having a reasonable price but creating online brand awareness and engaging more and more customers. Yes, your website or application will turn out to be your winning move, so make sure to choose the best weapon from the arsenal. I am talking about none other than the .Net framework.

Created by a renowned tech giant named Microsoft, the .Net technology enables easy and seamless development of web and desktop applications. In fact, according to some reliable sources like Stackoverflow, the tech seems to have outdone its peers and become one of the most loved, intimidating, robust frameworks across the globe. No wonder why software development companies are found gearing themselves up to deliver the best possible outcomes and solutions from their spaces. At the same time, developing a .Net development project is not easy; one does require a team of.Net programmers who are highly skilled and experienced with their jobs.

Why .Net development?

One of the obvious questions that I am often being asked is why businesses must consider .Net development and not any other option, or is it worth considering a .Net application development for your business needs? One of the obvious reasons to choose .Net is that it is highly supported by Microsoft; the name is enough! Apart from that, this one is open source in nature, which means it is available for free and can be used to develop a wide range of applications featuring web-based services, desktop software, and cloud infrastructure support.

So that’s it. Is this why .Net turns out to be a superior choice? Probably not! Apart from being known as one of the leading platforms, .Net has the potential to connect systems, devices, and different people as well. Right from constructing dynamic web portals to designing, developing, securing, and high-performing web applications, .Net technology leaves no stone unturned. Further below, I would like to mention some crucial reasons why more and more companies are relying on the .Net development technology and, more importantly, why you should do it too.

  • Saves ample time and effort
  • Deploying high-quality apps
  • Interoperability
  • Best with multiple scripting languages
  • Versatile and flexible apps

Now what exactly kind of applications can be developed using the .Net framework? Well, I don’t know where to begin; the list is too long, from custom CRM systems to XML web services, warehouse & storehouse systems, Accounting / Bookkeeping systems, dynamic-looking websites, business intelligence apps, mobile applications, Logistics & supply chain management solutions, inventory applications and what not!

When it comes to .Net, I can just go on and on, but for now, this seems to be enough for you to know. As mentioned earlier, conducting a .Net development project is not easy, but it is a doable job – all you need to have is the right team of.Net developers by your side. Which brings us to another big question – How to pick the right team of .Net developers?

How to Hire a Reliable .Net Developer for your project?

As the name implies, a .Net developer is a programmer who must carry knowledge regarding .NET and its internals (JIT, CLR, GAC), Web services, C#, VN.NET, Asp.NET, OOP principles, HTML, CSS, Visual Studio.NET, JQuery, JavaScript, Angular JS, SQL. This has to be at the initial level, and once he gains experience, he is expected to have knowledge regarding Bootstrap experience, ASP.NET, XML, HTML, CSS, etc. And the senior .Net developers must possess expertise in ASP.MVC, .NET MVC, .NET Web API frameworks, strong debugging skills, web app development proficiency, deep knowledge of C#, Agile environment familiarity, knowledge of MYSQL, experience in developing high load systems.

Fortunately, you will come across a wide range of professionals possessing different levels of experience and expertise. However, this can be extremely daunting and overwhelming when choosing the right candidate for your business. So how do you hire the right candidate? Well, before we proceed there, let us go through the common roles and responsibilities of a .Net developer.


  • Designing and development after understanding business requirements
  • Creating test-based apps for .Net apps
  • Programming .Net applications
  • Enhance existing systems
  • Monitor different activities and deliver support
  • Identify present errors, bugs and provide immediate solutions
  • Create technical specifications and test plans
  • Precise Documentation
  • Provide high-end maintenance and support for the long run

A Few Aspects to Look into When hiring.Net Developers for your project

Recruiting IT professionals is like diving into the ocean. Here you may encounter several dolphins, whales, pelagic fishes, crabs, and of course, sharks (always deadly and dangerous). Do you think I am exaggerating here? Absolutely not! With more and more individuals making .Net their formidable career choice, it becomes difficult for businesses to choose a reliable one. This is factual! So, I am asking again how to hire the right candidate for the job?

First, Look into The Right Places

One of the obvious things that must be taken into consideration is to look into the right places. Yes, here you are planning to hire a professional; you shouldn’t be making any random picks. So, where to get started from? You can start by looking into it staffing services, freelancing platforms, or social media networking sites like LinkedIn; or social media networking sites; check out the paid adverts, forums, blogs, Classifieds, news sites, etc. One of the most tried and tested ways here is to consider referrals, reviews, and testimonials. Nothing beats the power of word of mouth here. By using these methods, you are more likely to get the best service provider for your niche.

Second, the Interview phase

Once you have reviewed them or shortlisted different applicants or.Net development companies, it’s time to conduct a personal interview session. A helpful tip – try to make the interview procedure as transparent and consistent as possible. Yes, I mean, try asking all the candidates the same question and see who excels at it and who doesn’t. If the .net developer is inquisitive enough, get him on board ASAP.

Make sure you ask questions that prove all the claims they had stated earlier. Also, see whether they are suitable for the culture of the company or not. Do not try and assume anything. Assumptions lead to some of the major goof-ups. As soon as you find the right expert, get him on board and introduce him to the rest of your employees.

Third, Even If He Is a Techie, Soft Skills Do Matter

Last but certainly not the least aspect that must be taken into consideration is soft skills. Yes, of course, you will choose your team on the basis of their hard-core technical skills, but soft skills do matter. Check whether he is a team player, how often they communicate, are they flexible, responsible, loyal, do they carry empathy? These skills might seem to be unimportant on the surface but play a very crucial role in the success or failure of any development project.

Final Words

And that’s a Wrap! So yes, this is how you can find a reputable .Net developer for your upcoming project. I hope you find the following post meaningful. If yes, do not hesitate to share amongst your peers. Also, if you have any doubts or queries, feel free to mention that in the comment section below.