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How to Highlight Your Leadership Through Your CV with the Help of AltResume

Not everyone possesses leadership qualities. However, companies often look for those that do so that they can keep growing. If leadership is a word that defines you, and you have previously shown that you can inspire people to give the best that they have to offer to a cause, then you need to highlight it on your CV. Starting by visiting Alt Resume online can help ensure the quality of your final document. Here is how you can show your leadership capacities in your CV.

Present a Dynamic CV by Using a Template on AltResume

Leadership entails dynamism, and it should be immediately clear to anyone laying eyes on the CV. Today, it is better to prepare a CV using the right layout on Alt Resume. Through their large variety of pre-designed templates, anyone who wants to highlight his leadership quality will find one that provides the energy that will make it stand out. Neglecting the importance of the layout of your CV is not an option, as competition between candidates can be extremely high, especially when it comes to management positions.

Find the Right Words for Your CV Cover Letter with Alt Resume

If a person can’t convey his leadership quality through the cover letter of his CV, it is difficult to imagine that it will come through on the document itself afterward. To write a convincing cover letter in 2023 that will reach its target of standing out, it is important to use all the tools that are currently available. That is why, on, candidates benefit from an AI tool to maximize the potential effect of their cover letter. They can also choose from a series of pre-designed templates as well, where they will insert the powerful text they have created.

Use Action Verbs and highlight Your Accomplishments in your Cover Letter and CV

It may be hard to realize that the choice of verbs can completely change the profile of a candidate in the mind of the person who is looking to hire someone for a key role in his company. However, the use of powerful action verbs used to describe experience, skills, and knowledge, such as coordinated, managed, and directed, will help propel you into a leadership role. It does so by the intensity of the sentences that will be written on both the cover letter and the CV.

You also need to highlight the key accomplishments that you have completed so far in previous roles, as it will help demonstrate your leadership abilities. For example, you can indicate how you have reached sales targets, reduced costs, and implemented successful changes in your previous employment.


To show your leadership capacities on your CV, you need to start the right way by choosing a template on Then, use lots of action verbs and highlight your previous accomplishments in your cover letter as well as inside the CV. In addition, you can also mention any leadership training or certification and highlight any volunteer and extracurricular activities if you feel they can help define your personality better.