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How to Grow Your Auto Repair Shop in 2022?

Even the thought of starting your automotive repair shop is daunting.

It requires a lot of faith and stepping outside of your comfort zone. But if the idea of running a successful auto repair shop excites you, why wait around? It takes a lot of time and effort, and some risks are involved, but the eventual payout is enormous.

And if you are the owner of an auto repair shop but looking to grow it, even better! Today, we discuss how to grow your auto repair shop. But first, let’s start with the basics and see why setting up your auto repair shop should be on your radar.

The Benefits Of Having Your Own Auto Repair Shop

You might want to consider these five compelling reasons to start your automotive repair shop and enter the automotive industry in 2022:

You Follow Your Passion

Maybe you grew up watching Top Gear on television. Maybe like Richard Hammond, you’re a car enthusiast and love working on them. Or maybe, you just always wanted to work in the automotive industry.

You Form a Bond With Your Customers

With a new auto repair shop, you naturally start with a small number of workers, which grows over time.

But that gives you a head-on chance to interact with your customers. This makes them feel welcome and helps build trust, which, along with increasing revenue, also motivates you to work harder to make their experience better.

You Choose Your Employees

Choosing to start your auto repair garage means you also choose the people who work for you. This allows you to drive the culture of your garage.

And by having a positive culture, your new business will attract new talent and affect the performance of your employees, which in turn will influence the overall personality of your auto repair shop.

You Attain Financial Freedom

Owning your auto repair shop means you also own the profits. There is no waiting for the end of the month to get your cut – what you make every day is in your bank account the same day.

And if you follow our advice on how to grow your car repair shop in 2022, you will know the top tips that will help you make enough for your whole month each day.

What Are The Benefits of Growing Auto Repair Shops?

When your auto repair shop is new, you don’t know its full potential. Your current machinery and employees could cater to a more extensive clientele, but your auto repair shop must grow to unlock its potential.

However, this is not the only advantage attracting new customers offers…

You Can Generate More Sales and Profits

With big auto repair shops come big sales.

When your number of clients begins to go up, your sales and, as a result, your profits go up too.

You Can Lower Per-Unit Costs and Save Money Overall

As auto repair shops expand, they also save money from decreased average service costs. In addition, when you purchase car parts and accessories in large quantities, you get them at a reduced price, increasing your profits.

Also, with a reduced service cost, you will be able to lower the prices paid by your customers, making your auto repair shop more competitive.

You Can Influence Market Price

When your auto repair service grows, your influence in the market grows proportionally. So your garage will earn a more significant profile and more market influence as its market share grows.

Firstly, this will increase revenue by allowing you to charge greater prices resulting in increased income and profits. This enables you to increase labor costs, making hiring competent staff easier!

Secondly, you will have more negotiating power with suppliers to negotiate prices for automotive parts and accessories, which will lower your service cost. This is a sure-fire way of making your mark on the automotive repair industry!

What Are The Top 6 Ways To Grow Your Auto Repair Business?

Now that we know all the reasons you might want to grow your auto repair business, you might be wondering what a few best practices are that improve the sales of auto repair shops.

Well, you needn’t worry because we have done all the digging and have for you 6 helpful tips that are guaranteed to grow auto repair shops in 2022.

Use Voucher Marketing to Attract New Customers

Wait, aren’t coupons relevant for grocery stores and restaurants only? Not at all!

Why Is Voucher Marketing Important?

Coupons are an economical yet powerful way for your brand to both retain existing customers and attract more customers. Marketing dollars spent on vouchers can help your car repair business in novel ways that other techniques can not.

They also make it easy to monitor your success rate. When a customer redeems your voucher, you don’t have to ask them for feedback. You can just keep track of the number of redeemed vouchers to analyze your program’s outcome.

Keep Your Website Updated

There is no doubt that websites play a major role in attracting new customers and keeping old customers engaged for auto repair businesses. The majority of your potential customers will also be the first visitors to your website and then visitors to your car repair shop.

Why Do I Need To Update The Website of My Auto Repair Garage?

When a customer visits your business site, you want him to see relevant content. Unfortunately, outdated quotes about services and images from the early 2000s are huge red flags that your car repair shop is not keeping up with the times.

But as a shop owner, what should you do to keep your car repair services website fresh?

What Are Some Ways I Can Keep My Business Website Updated?

We have found that the easiest way to do it is to keep a content calendar that reminds you when the content on your website is about to reach its expiration date. The good thing about this technique is that it can be as simple as a reminder in your existing calendar. But you can always amp it up by adding something like an external plugin to your business website.

Another easy way to keep your website up to date is to link old (but relevant) content to new posts.

Conducting routine maintenance on your website to look modern and appealing is also a perfect way to increase customers. This makes them more likely to bookmark and share your site, directly boosting your word-of-mouth marketing!

Ask Customers for Feedback

This method is critical and is employed by successful businesses widely to increase profits.

Why Is Asking For Feedback Important For My Business?

Getting regular feedback can help you gain important information about the way your auto repair company is perceived and therefore aids you in making important decisions about your company. If you take a look at local businesses, you will see that most businesses that perform better are the ones that are continuously looking for ways to improve. Feedback is an effective way to know what people think about your small business, and it may even help you understand the difficulties faced by past customers.

Asking for feedback also communicates to customers that their opinion is valuable to you. This helps to create trust and thus increases the number of loyal customers.

Another great thing about feedback is that it can also be used to attract new customers to your brand by directly displaying it on your business website or even on review sites. It answers questions about your auto repair business in ways that nothing else can and helps potential customers make an informed decision.

Feedback also massively helps you improve your services. When you introduce a new service, you probably know what customers want. Marketing dollars spent on research can give you that idea. However, you can only learn about the benefits, problems, and genuine experiences of customers after your customers have used your services.

Send Regular Maintenance Reminders

Think about when you receive a reminder for your dentist appointment. Isn’t it usually at the back of your mind until you see that notification and go, ‘Thank goodness I would’ve totally missed that!’

If that’s the case, then imagine how your customer would feel when he gets a reminder for important car maintenance.

Why Are Some Benefits Of Sending Out Maintenance Reminders For My Auto Repair Business?

Sending maintenance reminders might actually become your favorite way to make your auto repair business grow. It is because they are a cost-effective way to strengthen the image of your small business and make it more appealing to customers than other local businesses.

It is a service within itself. A car is the most valuable purchase your customer will make outside a house. It’s used for everything, from getting groceries to getting to work. It will turn customers into loyal customers, increasing word-of-mouth marketing.

Sending a car maintenance reminder will also help your customers save money. Getting your car’s suspension checked costs less than getting your shock absorbers replaced. Getting an oil change is cheaper than fixing a complete engine failure.

So I Just Send Out A Reminder And Nothing Else?

Who says sending a maintenance reminder has to be just about sending a maintenance reminder? Small business owners know that that space can also be used to inform the customer about any promotions that they might have going on, creating repeat business for their shop and improving their brand. You might even include the vouchers that we talked about earlier!

So the next time you see a customer beaming when entering your physical location for an oil change, you know what made him do that!

Use Social Media To Keep In Touch with Existing Customers

If your auto repair shop is not on any social platforms, sit down, we have some talking to do…

Why Is Social Media Important For My Business?

In today’s retail environment, social platforms are both a means for small businesses to maintain their brand in their customers’ minds and an essential part of competing against other businesses. Without a good social presence, you won’t grab the attention of younger drivers!

What Do I Post On My Shop’s Social Media?

But what do shop owners who work in the auto repair industry post on social media to gain customers? A surprising lot! First off, you can have car maintenance advice. You can also show before and after photos of projects, news about traffic, information about automotive events, etc. You could even post a picture of your clients sitting in the waiting room (with their permission, of course), waiting for their automobiles to get tuned up!

If you maintain a social presence, this will create the impression that you know about cars and are knowledgeable about them, from the tools used on them to the places that car enthusiasts hang out!


There’ll probably be more people landing on your website’s main page through your blogs than anything else!

How Does Blogging Help My Car Repair Workshop?

Blogging improves your SEO and your ranking in search engines and helps you connect with your existing customer base in a personal way by including comments and the option to share your blog post.

How Often Should I Blog?

While posting every day is not required, you should create and stick to a timetable.

What Do I Blog About Anyway?

You have to keep in mind that your blog is not a marketing spiel. While it can include information about the services you offer, it is primarily your chance to impart your knowledge about the automotive industry, client demands, and the need for routine auto repairs.