How to Give Your Clients the Best Cybersecurity Possible


How can you give your clients the very best cyber security? The task begins with what you do on your end. The second piece of the puzzle is instructing business owners about what they can do to maintain that high level of protection. Note that it is counterproductive to put systems in place that are ignored or misunderstood by your clients’ management teams. The best way to ensure cybersecurity for your clients is to follow through. Here are several ways you can get the job done when it comes to delivering top-notch cyber security to your clients.

Set Up GAC

Set up granular access control, as GAC is about much more than passwords. It includes adding layers of controls to a system to control the who, what, when, where, why, and how of access. In other words, a password alone will not get anyone in. They will need to be the right person, asking for the right kind of information, at the appropriate time, from the right location, for the right reason, and in the right way.

Teach About Email Security

Email is a potential leak in any computer environment because of the way messages travel from point to point. Make sure your clients understand correct email protocols, including how to encrypt messages and to never use personal accounts for transmitting any customer data. Even inter-company messaging is fraught with problems. That is why every company’s internal mail arrangement should be regularly audited and upgraded.

Do an Annual Protection Audit for Every Client

At least once per year, do a comprehensive audit for each of your customers. Make sure the audit deals with more than routine password security for your business. Go through your entire checklist of what to do and not do. Make sure none of their employees are using email incorrectly and that data is regularly backed up where appropriate. If your role as MSP is to backup large files, it’s still important to show your customers how to do short-term backup on non-sensitive data.

Establish the No PC Rule

As an MSP, it’s your job to make certain that your clients know the dangers of employees handling customer data on their own PCs. The security issues are huge and can mean serious breaches in a short amount of time. Teach about how to create unambiguous policies to minimize vulnerability. Additionally, make sure all client-relevant data is stored on company, not personal devices.

Educate About Physical Security

It is easy to overlook the subject of physical security. In essence, you will want to teach about how to not leave sensitive files open while a computer is unattended. Unfortunately, this is a common practice in large organizations when employees take personal breaks or go out for short lunches. Any file left open and unattended is susceptible to theft.

Do Regular Backups

Backup your own files and your client files. Then, be sure to convey to your business customers that they need to do the same for sensitive data. If you do this regularly, there will rarely be a problem of recovery after a hack, attack, or virus. There’s no foolproof insurance against some kinds of attacks, but regular backups are an excellent starting point.

Teach Wi-Fi Security

Instruct your corporate clients in the fine art of securing their Wi-Fi networks. Show them how to create reliable encryption protocols and powerful passwords. Plus, whenever there is a guest network in the mix, they must be walled off from any internal ones.