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How to Find the Right Employment Lawyer for You

Finding yourself needing legal services can, in many ways, prove to be a daunting situation. But it does happen, and frequently, it’s a “must-happen” for business owners!

Unless you’re running a one-person show, albeit eternally, then an employment lawyer is one of the professionals you’ll need to rub shoulders with occasionally as your business grows. From drafting contracts to crafting company policies and navigating termination, a reasonable labor attorney can help your business stay on the right side of the law in many ways.

And with this in mind, it is paramount to ensure you hire the best person/law firm for the job in question.

Read on for tips on finding just the right employment lawyer for your needs so you can protect yourself and your company’s assets from unnecessary liabilities.

Common Reasons to Hire an Employment Lawyer for Your Business

There are many reasons to consider hiring an employment attorney. For example, the rapidly changing labor laws and employment regulations require qualified guidance to keep your business in line with current standards. Also, hiring a competent lawyer will help protect your interests should any legal disputes arise from employees or customers.

Also, an experienced employment attorney could provide valuable advice on optimizing company policies and procedures regarding personnel management. This is not to mention how invaluable their services are when drafting and reviewing employee contracts, kickstarting layoffs, and settling various workplace grievances!

Key Tips When Finding the Right Employment Lawyer

Below are some tips for picking the right lawyer for you or your business.

1. Research Reputable Law Firms in Your Local Area

The key to finding the best employment lawyer for your needs is conducting thorough research on local law firms. For example, if your business is located in California’s Orange County, you may want to research reputable Orange County employment lawyers as a starting point. Start by asking colleagues or family about their opinions and experiences with certain lawyers and firms within Orange County.

You can also use online resources such as Yelp, Avvo, Google Reviews, and similar sites to learn more about which lawyers have a good rap in the local legal community. It pays some time to do due diligence before you commit and choose an attorney for your business’s legal matters.

2. Check the Qualifications and Specializations of Lawyers

Once you have gathered a list of potential employment lawyers, reviewing their qualifications and experience in the legal field is essential. This helps to ensure that they can adequately handle your business’s needs.

Set up interviews with your potential hires, and ask them about any specialized certifications they may possess related to labor law. You want to have confidence in your lawyer’s ability to understand complex legal matters concerning wages, compensation packages, employee contracts, wrongful termination cases, and other related situations.

3. Gather Client References

A reputable lawyer will almost always have a record of satisfied clients and strong references from them. With this in mind, reach out to some previous customers of the law firm or lawyers you may be considering to get an idea of their level of customer service and professionalism.

Also, remember to check their responsiveness to questions or requests for assistance with legal matters related to your company’s operations. If a lawyer appears uninterested in getting feedback from past clients or repeatedly fails at providing straightforward answers to general questions, it might be best to seek legal services elsewhere!

4. Take Advantage of Free Consultations

Another crucial factor to consider when finding the right employment lawyer for your business is taking advantage of free consultations. Typically, many professional lawyers are open to a no-obligation meeting to discuss your legal issues in a risk-free environment before you decide if their services meet all of your needs.

A free consultation, whether via online chat, video call, or in-person, also allows you to verify the lawyer’s qualifications and areas of specialization. You can also ask any questions left unanswered during the research phase. This way, you can know whether you’re hiring the right person for the job before making any upfront payments or commitments.

5. Consider Fees and Payment Options 

There’s a common notion that lawyers don’t come cheap, and this might be true depending on whom you choose to hire. Before committing to any particular lawyer, evaluating their fees and payment options is best. This means comparing quotes from different lawyers and choosing one depending on your business’s size, budget, and legal needs.

Once you have a rough figure of how much lawyers cost in your area, ask about their billing structures. Some lawyers charge per hour for their services, and use a flat-fee agreement approach, whereas some charge on a contingency basis for specific legal issues.

Inquiring about the fees and payment options in advance can help prepare businesses for realistic expectations before signing a retainer agreement with any potential candidates for the position.

6. Pick a Lawyer That Suits Your Legal Needs

Choosing an employment lawyer that meets your professional and personal objectives is critical in the short or the long run. When an attorney knows and understands your needs, it’s easy to establish a good working relationship with them now and in the future.

As noted earlier, different employment lawyers may specialize in various areas of employment law, such as wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, employment contracts, Workplace safety, etc.

If you’re currently dealing with a haunting termination complaint or case in court, for instance, then a lawyer who specializes in wrongful termination claim cases would undoubtedly be your best fit. If, on the other hand, you’re expanding your business and thus conducting new hires, an employment contract attorney would be the best person to approach for legal advice on drafting and reviewing employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, and severance agreements.

With a diligent attitude and plenty of research, you can easily find the right employment lawyer for your business needs. Always remember to check qualifications, speaking engagements, client references, and any free consultations they offer before making final decisions with any potential candidate. Investing in an experienced lawyer is essential when protecting your company’s assets from unnecessary risks or costly legal battles, so never make this decision alone!