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How to find Canara Bank Customer ID?

While you work in a company, how many employees do you think to know their customer ID by heart? Not many, right? Well, we can’t remember our ID numbers, as so many. These IDs include your Aadhaar, voter, employee, ration, and even bank customer ID. Don’t worry if you have lost or forgotten your Canara Bank customer ID; there are many ways to find it.

Everything You Need to Know About the Canara Bank Customer ID

Canara Bank is the third largest bank regulated by the Government of India’s Ministry of Finance. This nationalized bank in India provides a wide range of financial tools, products, and services to meet its customers’ diverse and varying needs. Canara Bank Customer ID is frequently sought after by bank account holders.

To use the bank’s various internet banking services, the account holder must know their Canara Bank Customer ID. It could also be why you’ve ended up on this page. Canara Bank account holders can easily find their customer IDs by using the methods listed below.

Things You Need Before You Go Ahead

  • Your bank’s Passbook
  • Your cheque book
  • The welcome letter
  • Internet banking information

Methods to Find the Canara Bank Customer ID

There are five different ways through which you can know what your customer ID in Canara Bank is for your bank account, and they are mentioned to you in detail below:

1) Through Customer Support

You can now access your Cust ID from anywhere. Dial the Canara Bank customer service toll-free number: 1800-425-0018. The call is connected to the operator as soon as it is received. You should conduct an investigation. The operator will request information such as your date of birth, registered mobile number, account number, and so on. Following that, your Customer ID will be sent to the registered mobile number.

2) In the Welcome Kit or Letter

When a customer opens a Canara bank account, the customer will receive a welcome letter from the bank. The bank will print the customer ID in every welcome letter.

3) Through Internet Banking

Here is how you can find the Canara Bank customer ID through the Canara Bank Netbanking service:

Customers who do not have the booklets mentioned above can use Canara Bank’s internet banking services. Customers can quickly locate their Canara Bank Customer ID from the convenience of their own homes.

Step 1: Customers can access Canara Bank’s internet banking pages via their mobile/computer or other devices.

Step 2: The account holder must enter their Canara Bank User ID and Password. To sign in to the bank account, they must also mention the featured Captcha.

Step 3: After logging in successfully, the bank account holder can access their internet banking profile. On the main dashboard, look for the bank account statement option.

Step 4: The account holder could easily and quickly locate their respective Canara Bank customer ID and account number – which could be found on their bank account statement.

4) In the Passbook

Canara Bank will provide its account holders with a passbook. The primary purpose of Passbook is for offline transactions at the home branch. It includes a Canara customer Id. It contains additional customer and bank information in addition to the customer id.

5) In the Cheque Book

Cheque transactions are available through Canara Bank. Customers can apply for and obtain a chequebook. The account holder’s customer id will be printed on every Canara bank chequebook.

Requirement of the Customer ID

Canara bank will use customer ID to track transactions, order processing, and risk profiling of customers. Consider a person who has multiple Canara Bank accounts. However, the individual will be assigned the same Customer ID. The customer id is also used to move a Canara bank account from one branch to another.

How to Recover the Customer ID through Internet Banking?

Customers can quickly recover their Canara Bank User ID by selecting “Forgot User ID” from the internet banking log-in page. They are required to take the following steps:

Step 1: Go to Canara Bank’s Internet Banking log-in page.

Step 2: Navigate to and select the “Forget User ID” option on the log-in page.

Step 3: The account holder will be directed to a new window where they must enter their mobile phone number and customer ID. After successfully mentioning their registered mobile number and customer ID, the account holder must click submit.

Step 4: An OTP will be sent to the account holder’s registered mobile number.

Step 5: Following successful OTP verification, the account holder will receive their Canara Bank customer ID via SMS.

Importance of the Canara Bank Customer ID

Canara Bank offers a variety of services to its account holders to meet their various needs. The customer ID of the Canara Bank customers or account holders is easily found in the passbooks and chequebooks. The account holder can also use the bank’s internet banking and customer service services from the comfort of their own home.

Account holders with the bank can also visit their nearest branch and speak with a bank executive at the help desk. The account holder can use the Canara Bank customer ID to access the bank’s various internet banking services and engage in net banking transactions that are convenient.


Find your customer ID yet? If you have not – use one of these techniques and know what it is right away. All those methods are proven to work, and you will never be lost on your online or offline procedure with your bank. As already mentioned, this customer ID can be used for various purposes.

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