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How to Extend the Rental Period of Your Car

It is a fact that your travel plans can change at any time due to your schedule, flight delays, or health issues. If you have already booked the rental car, you will also need to extend it for whatever reason. Are you unsure of how to extend your rental car? Have a few thoughts about it? Here, explains the essential ten steps you need to take to extend your rental car:

  1. Contact the rental company

First, you should get in touch with the rental company to inform them of your altered schedule and to inquire about whether you would like to extend the rental period. When you notice changes to your travel schedule, make sure that you do this first. This can be done by calling the rental car company or going in person.

  1. Check rental car availability for new times

The next step is to check whether the rental car you want is available. Therefore, it would be best to inquire at the rental company about the period of time you require the car. You might have to look for a different car from the same car rental company if it falls during the peak season or the holiday season.

  1. Affirm the new rental time frame

Subsequent to checking the car’s accessibility, you ought to affirm with the rental organization about the new rental period. Inform them of the dates and times for which you will be renting the car. The car will be booked under your name once you confirm this.

  1. be sure to inquire about any additional charges

To avoid last-minute confusion and chaos, it is preferable to inquire about any additional charges from the rental company. Some car rental offices charge mileage or late expenses.

  1. Give them your contact information

Make sure you give them all of your information. In the event of an emergency, they will be able to contact you promptly and inform you of your extended stay. In some cases, service providers only get in touch with customers when a booking is confirmed or canceled.

  1. Don’t sign the contract

You will be required to sign a new contract for the newly extended rental duration. In this way, read every one of the agreements prior to tolerating the understanding. You can also discuss the matter directly with the provider of the car rental service if you believe any clause is inappropriate.

  1. Make the payments

The extended car rental payment must now be paid in full. You can request the rental organization for various modes from installment that they acknowledge. They will inform you of the various payment options available to you. After you have paid for the extended car rental, your confirmation will be accepted.

  1. Maintain the car’s condition

It’s also very important to keep the rental car in good shape. If you’re given any instructions regarding the extended rental period of the car, adhere to them in order to avoid any additional costs. Additionally, you should keep a record of any and all existing dings and scratches on the car. During your extended rental period, you won’t have to pay anything extra with this.

  1. Try to return the car on time

You are required to do so in accordance with the extended rental agreement. Since many rental companies charge fees for late returns, it’s best to return the car right away. Make sure you only return on that day, regardless of the return date specified in the agreement.

  1. Check the final bill before paying

When you receive the rental service’s final bill, make sure to check it once. People frequently pay without seeing the final bill, but this should never happen. You can immediately get in touch with them to have any errors corrected.