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How to Engage People through Stories

Have you read the story of the CMO whose first scholarship position offer to be trained as a software engineer at SAP could not be realized? If “Yes,” that is great, but if “No,” then you will be pleased to learn from his experience.

  • Let me tell you about the incident

On a faithful Saturday morning Wednesday, March 1 2017; the great news came as an Email inbox that Amos has been selected to be trained as a Software Engineer at SAP authorized institute. He was so happy, and then followed up the news with a phone call to his father for jubilation.
Both of the son and his father gathered some money and transported his son to the interview venue (A 37 hours train journey). Finally he got the chance to enter the environment of the great organization, but could not be allowed in for the interview with the HR. He asked the most obvious question; Why?
The only answer could be in the form of; you are not allowed to work or be trained in such opportunity because of your background.

  • How it made him a better person

Well, as everybody would expect, the young man cried with a broken heart. The only dream of his life to become an MNC trained Software Engineer went with the ocean just because of his background.
The only stop to your dream is when you give up.
The story of “Jack Ma,” came to his mind. He was also rejected in many occasions to work for the top MNC’s and to further his Education as he had always dreamt of, but he never gave up.
Amos went home and made the decision that one day, his name that was rejected because of his background, would become one of the most sorted in the industry. On a further note, Amos went and applied for Job in a Media Company and fortunate enough, he was selected. He also tried a new deal to be a marketer for a government owned organization in the same country and later he was honored with an authorization to work for them.
Being rejected because of his background did not break him down; rather it made him put more interest in setting the goals of reaching greater heights in the same country.
Never give up. If it did not work well today, just change your strategy.

  • Use People’s Challenges to Show love and Understanding of Humanity

A successful man/woman is not by how much money, followers or physical acquisitions you have. It is by how many lives you were able to impact on the line. Did you see people as different from you and deprive them of their life changing opportunities? Or do you see more reasons to show love for humanity through their predicaments? If you can answer yes/No to this question, then you have a role to play in the society.
Amos never gave up and today, it landed him as the Chief Marketing Officer of the most reputed company in the world. This story is still a continuous affair and will not end until the day you choose to stop reading the Insights Success Magazine, so increase your subscription plan to know more about our unique publications.
The story you just read utilized three parameters –

  1. Talk about an incident
  2. Tell Them how it made you better or Worse (Life Transformation)
  3. Share the benefits of your Experience (Life Lesson)

So as you have learnt these techniques, you will be a better story-teller if you can enhance your writing skills by implementing the above highlights. With a short story about the increased success of your clients after encountering your services/products, you will have more loyal audience and improved business results in the shortest span of time.
Thank you for reading, Stay tuned for more.

~ Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo