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How to Encourage Your Partner to Go to Rehab

It takes the love and support of family members to help an addict get clean. If you are in a relationship with someone struggling with addiction, there are many ways that you can be supportive without enabling their behavior. Here are some tips for how to encourage your partner to go to rehab.
Offer emotional support
There is one ingredient that is often overlooked and yet so very important: emotional support. With it, any addict can conquer addiction and put their life back together again. Without it, the battle is lost. Your partner needs this most of all during recovery. Don’t judge or criticize; instead, offer encouragement and compassion when they come clean about their addiction. Be nonjudgmental when they relapse, too; remember that it takes time for any habit, even one as strong as drug use. , our brain can take months or even years to break through years of conditioning before sobriety becomes permanent again!
Help them find the right rehab
If your partner asks for help finding a place to get clean, offer assistance in doing research online or by talking to health care professionals you know about in various treatment centers. Try not to get involved with their process of choosing which clinic to go through but guide them towards what you believe can be the best fit for them.
If you want to help your girlfriend find treatment (or your boyfriend), it may be possible to identify the type of addiction treatment center facility that would best suit their needs. Check out America’s Rehab Campuses. Focus on things like their price range, location preference (quiet or rural), and the specific amenities they are interested in. It’s always helpful to go to an in-depth search for facilities in your area before contacting them about their options. However, if they want counseling or therapy services that only specific clinics offer, be sure to find out which ones will provide that service before sending them off!
Offer to go with them
Offering to go through the process of detoxification or rehabilitation is one of the most supportive things you can do for your partner. Going through withdrawal with someone supports them in their battle against addiction and helps to drive home the seriousness of their addiction. It is worth mentioning that this may not be possible for everyone, either due to financial constraints or other commitments, but it’s an option that deserves consideration. Ontario rehab centres were the first medical facilities who implemented this approach for the addiction treatment and thus far it’s completely proven that this approach has very good results.
Help them create a plan to stay sober
Write down the reasons why your partner wants to get clean, write down what they are willing to do to achieve sobriety, and develop an action plan for how you can help support them in their journey towards recovering from addiction. Remember, even if it takes years of relapse and failures, addiction is a disease that you cannot give up on. Addiction is incurable, but with time it can become treatable.
Don’t be afraid to seek help for yourself too
It is essential that you don’t allow your partner’s drug use or subsequent decisions to affect your happiness. Because it’s difficult to be supportive of your partner while you’re feeling neglected or ignored, it is crucial that you also explore some self-care strategies.
As your partner tries to break the habit of drug addiction, there are many ways for you to begin to address any underlying feelings on your own. For example, it may be helpful for you to seek out counseling or therapy services on your own so that you can process what you are going through without burdening your partner with your feelings. Don’t give up on yourself either!
Stay positive
No matter how bad things have gotten, it’s important not to lose faith in the possibility of your partner becoming sober. Recovery is possible, even if it takes years of detoxification and rehabilitation. With persistence, your love will help your partner find the strength to take back their life from addiction.
Help them find a job
It has been proven again and again that having something productive to keep oneself occupied with can be immensely helpful in fighting addiction. If your partner needs help finding a job once they are clean, offer emotional support as well as some gentle guidance in finding a good job. Sometimes, you may have to be the one to initiate this process by doing research online or talking to work colleagues about potential openings at their company.
It is possible for anyone struggling with drug use to find sobriety in a safe, caring environment. If you are in a committed relationship with someone suffering from addiction, there are many things you can do to support them as they seek treatment. The first step is helping them find the right facility for their needs and offering your unconditional love and support during this difficult time in their life!