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How To Create A Loyalty Program That Increases Customer Retention

Do you know, more than 60% of a company’s business comes from existing customers?
Retaining the current customer base is a cost-effective solution to increase sales steadily. If you want to receive consistant business with your existing customers, you should provide them with value-added experience along with a purchase. In today’s fiercely competitive market, only offering a great product or service is not sufficient.
Customers are always influenced by add on privileges, and when you want to retain more customers you should definitely think of rewarding them with a loyalty program. It is one of the most remarkable ways to increase customer retention and maintain sustainable business growth. Thus, most of the businesses are converging on administering a loyalty program to sustain market competition.
However, your loyalty program should be customized to derive improved outcomes. Most of the time, the loyalty program fails because it lacks valuable experience. This blog is a comprehensive guide that focuses on creating preeminent loyalty programs that increase customer retention.
Go through this blog to get an overview of designing a successful yet innovative loyalty program that drives in more brand loyal customers for your business. Also, you will understand the key advantages of forming a robust loyalty program. This will help you execute a successful program to empower your business growth.
Let’s explore the ways to create a loyalty program to retain more loyal customers.
1. Understand your target customers
Understanding your target audience is the foremost step to create a successful loyalty program. You need to perform adequate research before optimizing the strategy to build the program. This will help you to offer influential rewards to your consumers that will encourage them to make repeat purchases.
Besides, you can focus on the criteria such as the volume of purchases, customers’ ability to purchase more products and services, speed of payment, and customer loyalty over time while creating a customized loyalty program. Once you have obtained complete information about what your customers want, you can create the best loyalty program and reward them efficiently
2. Keep the reward system simple
When you want to get maximum exposure for your loyalty program, you need to keep it simple as much as possible. Complex programs are harder to comprehend for your customers, which may affect their participation. So, create an intuitive loyalty program that can be easily understandable. For instance, a simple way to offer rewards via the loyalty program is a point system.
It will be easier for your customers to redeem the rewards, and businesses can easily measure customer retention rates. With the point-based loyalty program, offer points to the customers for making a purchase. Also, explain the details on how they can obtain those accumulated points and whether or not those points expire.
3. Make it easily accessible
If you want to get maximum customer participation for your loyalty program, you need to make it accessible across various platforms. Promote the program to get maximum exposure. From making it visible on your site to run an email campaign, put all your efforts to make it available for your customers.
This is a crucial element to consider while creating a loyalty program to improve customer retention. Moreover, allow easy access to customers when they want to redeem the rewards. The easy redemption option will entice customers to actively participate in the program.
4. Adopt a multi-channel approach
If you want to improve customer retention through a loyalty program, then you need to align your rewards with your customers’ needs. Offering a multi-channel service system is one of the most reliable ways to stay connected with your potential customers. With the multi-channel approach, customers will have more access to your customer service teams that boost customer satisfaction.
You should focus on developing a reward program that is accessible across various platforms. Using multiple channel programs for customers, you have the opportunity for you to create an omnichannel experience.
5. Offer a unique value proposition
As the competition is high in the market, you should aim to deliver added value to your products and services. According to a research study, about 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for a guaranteed pleasant experience. It means that create a loyalty program that has something extraordinary to offer to your potential customer.
For example, you can offer coupons, discounts, membership, event passes, etc. But, identity what will please your audience, and then offer them rewards. Also, you can customize loyalty rewards by segmenting the customers.
The ultimate goal of a loyalty program is to increase a loyal customer base. If you carefully design a rewards program, you will surely able to retain more customers. Therefore, understand your target customers, perform adequate research, opt for a multi channel approach, and offer value added experience to customers through a customized loyalty program. Also, build the program which is easily accessible for your business and you can measure customer retention as well.
Furthermore, more than 70% of customers who are members of loyalty programs said membership is a significant part of their relationships with brands. So, when you offer a loyalty program, make sure to build a long term relationship with your potential customers. The positive experience with a brand is a necessity to retain more customers.
The well-organized loyalty program will not only help to acquire more brand loyal customers but also benefits in many other ways. Let’s look at the key benefits;

  • Increase profitability
  • Gather valuable insights
  • Boost sales
  • Promote a product or service
  • Enhance brand reputation
  • Make customers feel valuable
  • Improved interaction with consumers
  • Expand your business efficiently’
  • Attract new customers to your business

Hence, with all the benefits you can embrace highly profitable business growth with a rewards program. Follow the above mentioned intents and create a loyalty program that improves customer retention rate for your business. In addition, a consulting loyalty specialist team would be a wise idea to form a successful loyalty program for your business. Expert’s Advice will help to get better result-oriented outcomes with a loyalty program.

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